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Volume 70, 1940-41
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– 311 –

Genus Mesaphorura Börner, 1901.

Abd. VI with two simple spines and sometimes with an additional median ventral process. Post-antennal organ with twenty or more tubercles which usually are spindle-shaped and lying at an acute angle to the axis.

Mesaphorura krausbaueri Börner, 1901. Plate 48, figs. 137–138.

I have taken this cosmopolitan species from very wet leaf mould in the forest above Falls Creek, Hollyford Valley. It was first reported in New Zealand by Womersley, in 1936, from humus, Pukekaroro Creek, Hillsborough. It is a small white insect about 1 mm. long. The antenna are slightly longer than the head. Ant. III with a complex sense organ composed of two inwardly-curved sensory clubs, and two sense rods behind a cuticular fold, and three prominent protecting setae. Ant. IV with apical sensory knob and numerous

– 312 –

curved sensory rods. Post-antennal organ with about 40 simple tubercles. A single pseudocellus on each antennal base, one on each side of the back of the head, one on each side of Thor. II to Abd. V. There are two small curved anal spines on papillae. Claws simple, empodial appendage vestigial.