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Volume 70, 1940-41
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Suborder Symphypleona Börner, 1901.
Family Neelidae Folsom, 1896.
Genus Megalothorax Willem, 1900.

Small species with body segmentation faintly indicated. Papillae present on the body. Dens two-segmented.

Only one species of this genus has so far been found in New Zealand.

Megalothorax swani (Womersley, 1932). Plate 70, figs. 480–483.

1932. Neelus swani Womersley.

Body: Small, up to 0.3 mm in length, whitish-yellow in colour, and sparsely clothed with short, simple setae. Head directed forwards. Antennae four-segmented, the apical segment with a number of stout, curved hairs. Between the antennal bases a pair, and further back another pair, of small papillae. Two pairs of dorsal papillae on the thorax, the anterior pair of which is large, and a further third pair posteriorly on the abdomen.

Legs: Claw with a pair of long lateral external teeth. No inner teeth. Empodial appendage about half as long as claw, lanceolate. Tenent hairs absent.

Furcula: Dens two-segmented and spined. Mucro long with fine serrations.

Locality: This Australian species was reported from New Zealand by Womersley in 1936, in leaf mould at Davies Bush, Manurewa, Auckland. It has not occurred elsewhere.