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Volume 71, 1942


Second Catalogue of Aurora Australia Displays, 1939.
By M. Geddes 195
Records of Plant Stations.
By George Simpson and J. Scott Thomson 82
Review of the New Zealand Species of Schistochila with Notes on Colenso's Species.
By E. A. Hodgson 181
Natural Root Grafts in New Zealand Trees.
By A. D. Beddie 199
The Chromosome Complements of Some New Zealand Plants.—1.
By J. B. Hair 271
A Table of Debye-Hückel Functions for Use in Solution Chemistry.
By R. H. Stokes and R. A. Robinson. 167
Notes on Two Transverse-Profile Geomorphic Problems.
By C. A. Cotton 1
The Geology of the Lower Shag Valley, N.E. Otago.
By O. D. Paterson 32
Inesite from Waihi Mine, North Island, New Zealand.
By C. Osborne Hutton 99
The Geology of Mount Grey District North Canterbury.
By B. H. Mason. 103
Note on the Franz Josef Glacier, December, 1940.
By R. Speight. 128
The Rangitata Glacier—The Question of Its Maximum Extension.
By R. Speight 169
Moraines and Outwash of the Tasman Glacier.
By C. A. Cotton 204
The Basic Igneous Rocks of Eastern Otago and Their Tectonic Environment.—Part I.
By W. N. Benson 208
Some Porphyroblastic Albite-Schists from Waikouaiti River (South Branch), Otago.
By F. J. Turner and C. O. Hutton 223
The Geology of the West Coast from Abut Head to Milford Sound.—Part 1.
By H. W. Wellman and R. W. Willett 282
Structural Petrology of Quartzose Veins in the Schists of Eastern Otago.—Part 1.
By F. J. Turner 307
Review of the Tertiary and Recent Neozelanic Pyramidellid Molluscs—No. 8.
By C. R. Laws 6
The Molluscan Faunule at Pakaurangi Point, Kaipara, No. 2.
By C. R. Laws. 134
Fossil Cetacea of New Zealand. V. Mauicetus, a Generic Name substituted for Laphocephalus Benham.
By W. B. Benham 260
The Evaluation of the Ultraviolet Radiation from the Sun and Other Sources.
By E. G. Edie and C. M. Focken 59
The Elasticity of the Earth's Central Core.
By K. E. Bullen. 164
Recent Occurrence of Pelamis platurus Linn, in New Zealand.
By W. J. Phillipps 23
Probable Direct Development in some New Zealand Ophiuroids.
By H. B. Fell 25
Megascolides napierensis, a New Species of Earthworm.
By W. B. Benham 27
Breeding Habits of Twenty-two Species of Marine Mollusca.
By D. H. Graham. 152
The Occurrence of Cryptosparas carunculatus from Cook Strait.
By W. J. Phillips. 160
A New Genus of N.Z. Leaf-Hoppers (Jassoidea, Homoptera).
By J. W. Evans. 162
New or Rare Fishes of New Zealand.
By W. J. Phillipps 241
The Distribution of the Genus Leiopelma in New Zealand with a description of a New Species
By E. G. Turbott 247
Supplement to the Collembolan Fauna of New Zealand.
The Genus Ceratrimeria Borner in New Zealand and a New Genus Novacerus to Replace the Genus Neocerus (preoccupied).
By J. T. Salmon 254
New Lepidoptera.
By W. G. Howes 277
The Balanomorph Barnacles of the Kermadec Islands.
By J. T. Linzey 279
Annual Meeting I
Presidential Address XXIX
Appendix (Abstracts of Papers) XXXVIII