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Volume 71, 1942
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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand was held on Wednesday, 28th May, 1941, commencing at 10 a.m., in the Council Room, Victoria University College, Wellington.

Roll Call: The following were present:—

  • The President, The Rev. Dr. J. E. Holloway, Dunedin;

  • The Vice-President, Professor W. P. Evans, Wellington;

  • Representing the Government: Mr. B. C. Aston, Professor E. R. Hudson, and Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.

  • Representing Wellington Branch of the Royal Society of N.Z.: Dr. H. H. Allan and Dr. L. Bastings;

  • Representing Canterbury Branch: Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf;

  • Representing Otago Branch: Dr. C. M. Focken and Dr. F. J. Turner

  • Representing Hawke's Bay Branch: Mr. G. V. Hudson;

  • Representing Manawatu Branch: Mr. M. A. Eliott;

  • Representing Nelson Institute: Dr. D. Miller;

  • Representing Southland Branch: Mr. J. H. Sorensen;

  • Co-opted Member: Dr. P. Marshall.

Apologies for Absence were received from His Excellency the Governor-General, the Hon. Minister of Scientific and Industrial Research, Dr. E. Marsden, Government Representative, and Dr. R. A. Falla (Canterbury Branch). Owing to the late arrival of the Auckland express, the Auckland representatives could not attend until the afternoon session.

Presidential Address: Before commencing his Presidential Address, Dr. Holloway referred to the loss the Society had sustained by the death of a distinguished Honorary Member, Sir James Frazer, O.M., F.R.S., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Also by the deaths of Mr. Guthrie Smith, Mr. James Hislop, Mr. R. M. Laing, Mr. Guy Brittin, Mr. James Drummond, all members of branches of the Society.

The Council stood in respect to the memory of these members.

Dr. Holloway intimated that Sir Thomas Easterfield, who had been a member of the Council almost continuously since 1904, had

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resigned on account of ill-health, and Mr. F. R. Callaghan had for the same reason resigned as a representative of the Wellington Branch. He expressed the wish of the Council that a letter be sent to each of them conveying the sympathy of the members and hopes for their speedy recovery.

Dr. Holloway referred also to the fact that Professor Evans had intimated his intention of retiring from the office of Vice-President. He said that Professor Evans had been appointed Vice-President in 1935. He was President for the years 1937 and 1938, again Vice-President for the ensuing two years. During these six years the Society has had the benefit of his unremitting attention to the conduct of its affairs, and of his wise counsel. Dr. Holloway expressed to Professor Evans his personal thanks for the generous help and advice given to him.

Dr. Holloway also conveyed the congratulations of the Council to Dr. W. N. Benson on his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society of London and to Staff-sergeant D. C. Berry on his election as a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

He welcomed to the Council Dr. F. J. Turner, Dr. D. Miller, and Dr. L. Bastings.

Dr. Holloway then read his Presidential Address, the title of which was “The Essential Spirit of Science.” At its conclusion, Mr. Hudson moved that a very hearty vote of thanks be accorded to the President for his inspiring address, and asked that Dr. Holloway consent to its being published in the Transactions. Professor Evans seconded the motion, which was carried by acclamation.

Notices of Motion were then called for. Two were received, and after being read by the President to the meeting were set down for consideration in the afternoon session.

Hector Award: The President read the report of the Hector Award Committee as follows:—

Hector Award, 1941. After very careful consideration, the members of the Committee appointed to consider the award of the Hector Medal for 1941 have decided to recommend the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand to award the medal and prize to Dr. H. J. Finlay for his original researches on Mollusca and Foraminifera.


G. V. Hudson
W. B. Benham, K.B.E.
W. J. Dakin