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Volume 71, 1942
– XXI –

Reports of Member Bodies.
Auckland Institute

President: Mr. W. A. Fairclough.

Director and Secretary: Mr. Gilbert Archey.

Report for the Year 1940–41.

The normal services of the Auckland Institute and Museum covering educational, scientific, and cultural activities have been maintained in spite of the war, and there has been excellent public appreciation of these services. An additional activity on the educational side was the formation of an art class for school children, the object being to encourage the pictorial rendering of natural history subjects.

It is pleasing again to record how excellent has been the work of the Director and staff of the Museum, and to acknowledge the work of many persons outside the Museum staff who give their voluntary services to further these activities.

Membership: At the beginning of the year there was a roll of 599 members. During the year we have lost by death, resignation, and deletion 42 members, but have gained 16 new members, so the year concluded with a roll of 577.

Congratulations: Congratulations are extended to Dr. D. B. Macleod for the award of the Hector Medal and to Dr. R. S. Allan and Mr. A. W. B. Powell for their election to Fellowship of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Obituary: We have to record with much regret the loss by death of the following members: Miss D. Pound, Messrs. Sinclair, G. C. W. Morris, E. D. Ashton, W. Coltman, R. W. White, T. F. Wallace, H. E. R. S. Wily, T. Philcox, A. W. Gillies, J. W. Brame, A. Buchanan, C. J. Shaw, F. N. Andrews, E. A. Craig, P. Brodie, and R. F. Blair.

– XXII –

Council: During the year seven well-attended meetings have been held. There has been no change in elected members.

Institute Meetings: Seven evening addresses two of which were delivered by visiting lecturers, were given during last winter's session. Members' thanks for a very interesting series of lectures are due to:—

Professor F. P. Worley, M.A., D.Sc.: “Chemical Warfare.”

Mr. A. W. B. Powell: “Shellfish Uses Down the Ages.”

Professor T. D. J. Leech, B.Sc., B.E.: “The Growth of Aviation.”

Dr. Raymond W. Firth: “Malay Medicine and Magic.”

Dr. E. Marsden, C.B.E., M.C., F.R.S.N.Z.: “Science in Relation to War.”

Dr. D. Brown: “Radio Methods for Direction Finding and Navigation.”

Dr. J. Hardie Neil, D.S.O.: “Speech and Hearing.”

Three ordinary meetings were also held, papers being read by Rev. G. I. Laurenson, Dr. L. H. Briggs, and Messrs. J. C. Neill, A. W. B. Powell, and G. Archey.

Anthropology and Maori Race Section: Chairman, Rev. G. I. Laurenson; Hon. Secretary, R. A. Scobie. The Committee felt that in view of the demands on members which might arise from the war, it would be better to have a short concentrated syllabus. The wisdom of this policy was borne out by the high average attendance. Membership remains at a very high level.

Astronomical Section: President, Mr. R. A. McIntosh. Hon. Secretary, Mr. T. Rounthwaite. Four meetings were held last year by the Section, whose membership remains at 21. The meetings were addressed by Mr. R. A. McIntosh. Professor H. G. Forder, and Mr. T. Rounthwaite. The decrease in the number of meetings is due to the difficulty of obtaining lecturers. The most notable event of the year was the discovery by Mr. McIntosh of a bright comet now known as Comet Skjellerup-McIntosh. Mr. McIntosh has also calculated its orbit. The observatory at Symonds Street was visited by many interested members of the public, who found the comet rather disappointing, owing to the unfavourable location of the telescope. The comet gave the matter of the observatory much desirable publicity, and it is hoped that a new building and site will become a reality in the near future.

The Committee wish to thank the University College Council and Professor Burbidge for the continued use of the telescope and the physics lecture room.

The Museum: Attendances during the year are as follows: Visitors 130,937; school pupils 14,838; flower show 6,294; lectures 1,182.