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Volume 71, 1942
– XXII –

Hawke's bay Branch of the royal society of N.Z.

Report for the Year ended December 31st, 1940.

Meetings: At the annual meeting held on June 13 the following officers were elected:—President, C. F. H. Pollock; Council, G. Waterworth and A. G. Clark; Hon. Secretary, W. G. Ball, Hawke's Bay Art Gallery and Museum; Hon. Auditor, J. E. Gleadow; Hon. Lanternist, Hector Chapman; Representatives Museum Committee, A. G. Clark, E. S. West, D. A. Campbell, and I. J. Pohlen.

On June 20th Mr. W. T. Prentice delivered a lecture on “Some Famous Hawke's Bay Maori Pas” to an appreciative attendance.

Library: The thanks of the Society are recorded to Mr. J. St. J. Hindmarsh for the gift of Studies in History and Jurisprudence (2 vols.). G. V. Hudson's Supplement to Butterflies and Moths of N.Z. has been purchased; and additions of other volumes were suspended meanwhile owing to war difficulties. Periodicals available are listed in the library.

Obituary: The Society and the Dominion generally have sustained a great loss in the death of Herbert Guthrie-Smith, F.R.S.N.Z., the distinguished naturalist and author. A memoir by Johannes Andersen appears in the December Transactions. The death of James Hislop also removed a very old member of this branch. He was Secretary and Treasurer from 1899 to 1910 and was elected a Life member in recognition of his services.

Museum Committee: Our representatives have been regular in attendance and taken great interest in the Museum's work.


Membership: This numbers 52, being 45 ordinary, 3 life, 3 honorary, and 1 juvenile. Three resignations were received, and six new members were elected, viz., Mrs. L. S. Holland, Messrs. J. S. McMillan, D. A. Campbell, D. B. Hopcroft, I. J. Pohlen, and D. K. Woodbury.

March 18th, 1941.

C. F. H. Pollock

, President.

The Wellington branch of the royal society of N.Z. (incorp.)

Summary of Seventy-third Annual Report, being the Report of the Council for the year ended 30th September, 1940.

President: Mr. C. M. Smith.

Secretary: Mr. J. T. Salmon.

Council Meetings: The Council has held ten meetings during the past session.

Membership: The membership of the Society, including Associates, now stands at 212. At least four of our members are known to be on active service with the New Zealand Military Forces.

Meetings: The Society's room at the Dominion Museum has been filled practically to capacity on several evenings during the year. The following addresses were delivered: Presidential Address on “Forestry and War,” by Mr. C. M. Smith. In May, “Some Aspects of Fisheries Research in Canada,” by Dr. L. R. Richardson; in July, “Co-ordination Compounds,” by Mr. A. D. Munro, M.Sc.; in August, “Background to the War,” by Dr. G. H. Scholefield; and in September, “Petroleum and Some of Its Products,” by Mr. L. F. Elsby, B.Eng., M.I.Mech., E.M.I.A.E., F. Inst. Pet. On June 26th the Society held a very well attended symposium and discussion on “The Aims and Scope of Science Teaching in New Zealand.” Speakers were invited from the New Zealand University, the Entrance Board, the Education Department, the Science Teaching Profession, and the Professional Scientists. From the matters ventilated at this meeting the Council has framed a resolution to be presented to the Government and the University through the Royal Society, with a view to improving the system of Science teaching in New Zealand.

Sections: All sections have continued their activities, and many interesting meetings have been held.

Papers for Publication: Three papers for publication were read at general meetings of the Society during the year, one by Mr. Ewen Cardale on “A Description of a New Species of New Zealand Land Planarian Artioposthia oivis, Notes on Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology with Ecological Data,” read on the 24th July; and two, one by Mr. J. T. Salmon, M.Sc., on the “Collembolan Fauna of New Zealand, including a Discussion of its Distribution and Affinities,” and the other, “The Sharks of New Zealand,” by Mr. W. J. Phillipps, both read on the 25th September.

Library: Members are increasingly availing themselves of the Library. It is regretted that as a result of the war the periodical Discovery ceased publication. The following periodicals, however, are still regularly received: Man, Nature, Australian Journal of Science, Science, Annals and Magazine of Natural History, American Journal of Science, Annals of Botany, Botanical Gazette, Quarterly Review of Biology, United. Empire, Entomologist, British Association for the Advancement of Science, bulletins from Canadian Department of Mines, and publications of the New Zealand Geological Survey. The following books were also added to the Library: Man of Power, Everyman's Astronomy, Other Men's Lives, Secrets of Nature, 100 Years of Medicine, Men Who Are Shaping the Future, The Evolution of Physics, The Restless Earth, Unsolved Problems of Science, Modern Armaments, and Wonders of the Waves. Several books posted as missing last year have been returned.

Carter Library: This valuable library, which under the will of the late C. R. Carter became the joint property of the Royal Society and the Dominion Museum, is now housed in the special lock-up steel cabinets which have been provided in this Society's room at the Museum.

Observatory: On several evenings, as a preliminary to the meetings of the Astronomical Section, instruction has been given at the observatory to members on the use of the 5in telescope.