Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 72, 1942-43


The Physical Characteristics of Meteors.
By R. A. McIntosh. 301
Notes on Some New Zealand Plants and Descriptions of New Species.
By G. Simpson and J. Scott Thomson 21
Some Hitherto Unrecorded Plant Stations.
By A. J. Healy. 324
Observations on the Growth of Macrocystis in N.Z.
By Lucy B. Moore. 333
Variation in Senecio kirkii Hook. f.
By F. J. Newhook. 341
Fuchsite-bearing Schists from Dead Horse Creek, Western Otago.
By C. O. Hutton 53
Geology of the West Coast of the Firth of Thames.
By D. A. Brown 69
The Basic Igneous Rocks of Eastern Otago and their Tectonic Environment. Part II.
By W. N. Benson 35
Current Views on the Origin and Tectonic Signification of Schistosity.
By F. J. Turner 119
A Detail of the Pukaki Moraine.
By R. Speight 148
The Basic Igneous Rocks of Eastern Otago and Their Tectonic Environment, Part III.
By W. N. Benson 160
Francolite, a Carbonate-Apatite from Milburn, Otago.
By C. O. Hutton and F. T. Seelye. 191
The Geology of the West Coast from Abut Head to Milford Sound. Part 2. Glaciation.
By H. W. Wellman and R. W. Willett. 199
Preferred Orientation of Olivine Crystals in Peridotites.
By F. J. Turner. 280
The Geology of the Brocken Range and the Kaiwhata Valley, East Wellington.
By D. A. Brown. 347
The Igneous Rocks of the Brocken Range—Ngahape Area, Eastern Wellington.
By C. O. Hutton. 353
Upper Winds at Little America on November 29, 1929.
By C. E. Palmer. 311
The Origin of the Lower Devonian Fauna of Reefton, New Zealand; with Notes on Devonian Brachiopoda.
By R. S. Allan 144
Some Eocene Mollusca from New Zealand.
By J. Marwick. 268
The Ellipticities of Surfaces of Equal Density in the Earth's Interior.
By K. E. Bullen 141
The Body Appendages of Balanus decorus.
By J. T. Linzey 1
The Orsillini of New Zealand.
By R. L. Usinger 41
The Juvenile Plumage of Some Birds and an Interpretation of its Nature.
By E. Percival 6
A New Species of Onychiurus (Collembola) from New Zealand.
By J. T. Salmon 168
The Breeding Habits of Cryptoconchus porosus, (Burrow).
By Beryl I. Brewin 186
The Octopodous Mollusca of New Zealand. (1) The Midget Octopus of the Coastal Waters.
By W. B. Benham. 226
Notoscolex equestris, an Earthworm from the Poor Knights Islands.
By W. B. Benham. 220
The Anatomy and Systematic Position of Temnocephala novaezealandiae Haswell.
By Marion L. Fyfe. 253
A Study of the Little Owl, Athene noctua in New Zealand.
By B. J. Marples. 237
Descriptions of Two New Species of Lepidoptera.
By W. George Howes. 371
New Records of Collembola from N.Z. with Descriptions of New Genera and Species.
By J. T. Salmon 373
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Annual Meeting I
Presidential Address XXIX
Appendix (Abstracts of Papers presented to Branches) XXXIV