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Volume 72, 1942-43
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– I –

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council,
20th May, 1942.

The Annual Meeting of the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand was held in the Council Room, Victoria University College, Wellington, on Wednesday, 20th May, 1942, commencing at 10 a.m.

Roll Call: The following were present:—

  • President: Lieutenant-Colonel G. Archey.

  • Vice-President: Dr. H. H. Allan.

  • Government Representatives: Mr. B. C. Aston, Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.

  • Auckland Institute Representatives: Professor H. W. Segar, Mr. A. T. Pycroft.

  • Wellington Branch Representatives: Dr. H. H. Allan, Dr. L. I. Grange.

  • Canterbury Branch Representatives: Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, Dr. R. A. Falla.

  • Otago Branch Representative: Dr. F. J. Turner.

  • Hawke's Bay Branch Representative: Mr. G. V. Hudson.

  • Manawatu Branch Representative: Mr. M. A. Eliott.

  • Nelson Institute Representative: Dr. D. Miller.

  • Southland Branch Representative: Professor W. P. Evans.

  • Co-opted Member: Dr. P. Marshall.

Apologies for Absence were received from His Excellency the Governor-General, the Hon. the Minister of Scientific and Industrial Research, Professor E. R. Hudson, and Dr. C. M. Focken.

Council: The President welcomed back to the Council Professor W. P. Evans, who had been asked to represent the Southland Branch on the Council, and Mr. A. T. Pycroft, representative of the Auckland Institute; he also welcomed a new member, Dr. Grange, one of the representatives of the Wellington Branch.

Presidential Address: Before commencing his Presidential Address, Lieutenant-Colonel Archey referred to the loss the Society had sustained by the death of two distinguished scientists whose names the Society was honoured to have on its roll of Honorary Members—Sir Arthur W. Hill, Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Sir William Bragg, Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory.

Lieutenant-Colonel Archey then delivered his address, at the conclusion of which Dr. Allan moved that the President be cordially thanked for his inspiring address and that he be asked to allow it to be printed in the Transactions. This motion was carried by acclamation.

– II –

Notices of Motion were called for, to be considered later in the meeting.

Hector Award: The following report of the Hector Award Committee was read:—

  • The Committee appointed to consider the award of the Hector Medal and Prize for 1942, consisting of the following members: Professor H. B. Kirk, Dr. W. R. B. Oliver, and the Rev. Dr. J. E. Holloway, has unanimously decided to recommend that the award be made to Dr. H. H. Allan for his work in New Zealand Botany.


John E. Holloway,

May 3, 1942. Convener of Committee.