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Volume 72, 1942-43
– XIV –

National Art Gallery and Dominion Museum Board of Trustees.
Report of Society's Representatives.

The Board of Trustees met four times during the year ending 31st March, 1942, and the Society was represented at each meeting.

War conditions have again resulted in a slight decrease in the sum of money available for carrying on the work of the Art Gallery and Museum; but in each institution a satisfactory year's work has been completed.

Early this year the Art Gallery had to give up all the space in the west wing and the tea-room for use by the military authorities, and now the whole of the east wing is also being handed over.

Many of the more valuable pictures belonging to the National Gallery have been sent for safe keeping to an inland town, where they are being kept housed in a ferro-concrete building belonging to the Public Trust Department. A large part of the asphalted basement of the Museum has also been placed at the disposal of the Gallery for storage of pictures.

Arrangements have been made for the necessary fire-watching and E.P.S. services, and a warden's post and a first-aid room are now being fitted in the Museum.

W. P. Evans


P. Marshall