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Volume 72, 1942-43
– XIV –

The Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.
Report of Representative.

Annual Conference: Arrangements for the holding of the nineteenth annual conference of the Institute in conjunction with National Horticultural Week at Hastings, in February, 1942, were well in hand, when, in December, 1941, war with Japan broke out. Accordingly, National Week was abandoned; but it was decided to hold the conference in Wellington in February.

The principal remits of general interest carried at the conference held on February 26, 1942, were as follows:—

That the necessity for the establishment of a School of Horticulture be again impressed on the Government.

– XV –

That the Institute commends to its members and the public generally the work being done by the Native Plant Preservation Society to prevent the extermination of rare native plants.

Conference also approved of remits passed at the Electric Power Board's and Supply Authorities Conference relative to the kinds of trees most suitable for growing near public roads or telephone lines.

Historic Trees: A Committee was set up to go into the question of preserving historic and other trees of interest. The Committee interviewed the Under-Secretary of Internal Affairs. As a result, it was decided that Dr. H. H. Allan continue his investigation into the historic trees of New Zealand, with a view to a list being published and circulated to local authorities and others.

W. R. B. Oliver