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Volume 72, 1942-43
– XVII –

Reports of Research Grantees.

Professor J. Marples, who obtained a grant of £20 from the Society in 1938 for research on the Little Owl, has reported that the greater part of the grant has been spent on a study of the food of the Little Owl. A report of this is almost completed and should be ready for publication in a few weeks' time. The remainder of the grant was to be expended on a visit to Green Island, off the Otago coast, for the purpose of carrying out a faunal survey. All preparations were completed for this visit when the entry of Japan into the war and the consequent likelihood of restrictions and emergency regulations seemed to make it advisable to postpone the trip. Professor Marples wishes to request that the balance of the grant (£5) be held over until such time as it may be possible to visit the island.

Dr. G. H. Uttley, who in 1928 was granted £35 for micrographic apparatus for research on Bryozoa, has reported that he is still engaged on collecting, classifying and describing both Recent and fossil Bryozoa. He will not require the balance of the grant (£6 11s 2d), but he wishes to retain the Davonette for the micro-photographic work, the difficulty of which has delayed publication of some of the results which his work has achieved. Illustrations of any paper are indispensable and good photographic results of opaque microscopic objects are not always sufficiently satisfactory for reproduction. This has been responsible for much of the delay. He has now been able to enlist the services of a friend, and he hopes that his photography will be satisfactory for the purpose. At present he is finding difficulty in obtaining plates.

The late Mr. R. M. Laing, who had a research grant for study on Algae, died during the year, and the books and periodicals which had been purchased out of the grant have been deposited in the Society's Library and are available to workers on Algae.