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Volume 72, 1942-43
– XVII –

Hutton Grantees.

Mr. L. E. Richdale, who in 1929 was granted £20 for the purpose of studying and ringing birds, reports that he has ringed some 1400 petrels of 5 species at Stewart Island during the last year in addition to other birds ringed on the Otago Peninsula.


Dr. S. N. Slater, who in 1941 was granted £10 for research work on the poisonous constituents of tutu, has forwarded a copy of his completed report, which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Chemical Society, and with the amount of tutin and picrotoxin still in hand he hopes shortly to complete further work on this subject. He wishes to convey his thanks to the Royal Society for its assistance.

Dr. F. J. Turner, who in 1941 was granted £25 for research on the structural petrology of metamorphic rocks in Central Otago and Fiordland, has reported that the sum of £7 2s has been spent in defraying the cost of 56 oriented sections of schists, peridotites, and metamorphic rocks from Lake Manapouri, and these are lodged in the Geology Department, University of Otago.

A further amount of £8 10s was expended on field work collecting oriented specimens. The balance of his grant will be used in paying the excess cost of a paper published in the Transactions on olivine fabrics in peridotites.

Tongariro National Park Board: Dr. Marshall reported on the action which had been taken in regard to the destruction of native plants growing in the grounds of the Chateau. He referred also to the growth of the native vegetation and the spread of heather in the Park. Mr. Aston thanked Dr. Marshall for his report.

Great Barrier Reef Committee: On the motion of Dr. Oliver, his report as representative on the Committee was adopted.