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Volume 72, 1942-43

The Wellington Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand (Inc.).
President: Dr M. A. F. Barnett.
Secretary: Mr J. T. Salmon.

The following is the seventy-fourth Annual Report, being the report of the Council for the year ended 30th September, 1941:—

Council: The Council has held ten meetings during the past session.

Membership: The total membership of the Society has increased by ten during the year and now stands at 222. Ten resignations were received and 20 new members were elected.

Meetings: The meetings of the Society and of the Sections have been well attended during the year. The presidential address, which was to have been delivered by Mr F. R. Callaghan, was cancelled owing to the sudden illness of Mr Callaghan. In May, Dr Muriel E. Bell spoke on “Recent Developments in the Knowledge of Nutrition.” In June, Dr C. O. Mercer spoke on “The Modern Treatment of Surgical Shock and War Injuries by Transfusion of Blood,” and this was followed in July by a symposium and discussion on “The Relationship of Science to Society,” in which a number of members took part. On August 27, Dr David Miller, of the Cawthron Institute, gave an address on “Termites” and in September Mr F. T. M. Kissell spoke on “Hydro-electric Development in New Zealand.”

Sections: All Sections have continued their activities, and many interesting addresses have been given at their meetings. Two of the Sections now serve supper at the conclusion of each meeting.

Papers for Publication: The following papers were read by title at the General Meetings of the Society and submitted to the editor of the Transactions

– XXIV –

for publication:—On May 28. “The Occurrence of Cryptospara's cranulatus from Cook Strait,” by Mr W. J. Phillipps; “Second Catalogue of Aurora Australia Displays, 1939,” by Mr M. Geddes; and “Natural Root Grafts in New Zealand Trees,” by Mr A. D. Beddie. On June 25, “The Exoskeleton and Sclerites of Hemideina megacephala compared with those of its first instar, Deinacrida rugosa and a member of the Dolichopodinae, together with further Notes on the Anatomy and Nervous System of Hemideina megacephala,” by Mr Ewen Cardale; and “New and Rare Fishes of New Zealand,” by Mr W. J. Phillipps. On August 27, “Observations of Jupiter for the Period 1928–1936,” by F. M. Bateson, F.R.A.S., communicated by Mr M. Geddes. On September 24, “Supplement to the Collembolan Fauna of New Zealand, the Genus Ceratrimeria Borner in New Zealand and a new Genus Novacerus to replace Neocerus (Pre-occupied),” by Mr J. T. Salmon.

Library: All periodicals subscribed to-continue to come forward, although their arrival is somewhat irregular. The following books have been added to the Library during the year:—“The Social Life of Animals.” by W. C. Allee; “What Engineers Do,” by W. D. Binger; “The Air and Its Mysteries,” by C. M. Batley; “Romance of Fire,” by A. M. Low; “Everyday Science,” by A. W. Haslett; “Crystals,” by J. Killiar and “The Stuff We're Made Of,” by Karmack and Eggleton.

Observatory: The Observatory is in a satisfactory state of repair, and the five-inch telescope is continuously in use by members of the Astronomical Section.

Lecture Room: During the year the dais was improved by the closing-in of the front of the table. A master switch was installed by the epidiascope to control the room lights, a very much needed improvement.

Cutting of Timber, Maymorn Estate: Following agitation in the press and requests to support movements to have this milling stopped, the Council set up a Special Committee to investigate the question. The report of this Committee was published in the press, and the Council decided to take no further action in the matter.

Acknowledgments: The Council desires to express the thanks of the Society to the honorary auditor, Mr R. E. R. Dymock, who has kindly continued to audit the books of the Society; to the press for publicity and other courtesies; and to the various speakers who have helped to make the Society's meetings successful during the year passed.