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Volume 72, 1942-43

Southland Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
President: Dr C. C. Anderson.
Acting Secretary: Mr A. D. Nisbet.

Membership: The Branch membership stands at 46, of which one is a life member and five are with the armed forces. This is considered satisfactory, but members are urged to do their utmost to secure an increase in our membership. To those in the armed forces—D. C. Berry, F.R.A.S., C. Barwell, A. McDonald, A. Ward, J. H. Sorensen—we extend our best wishes, and express the hope that they will all return safe and well in the very near future.

Lectures: During the year, eight lectures were given, and the thanks of the Branch goes to those who gave of their time in preparing and delivering these lectures. The folowing is a list of the speakers and their subjects:—

  • May 1: Presidential address, “Geology and Evolution,” Dr G. H. Uttley.

  • May 22, “Maori Settlement in New Zealand,” Dr H. D. Skinner.

  • June 26, “Spiders and Spider Webs,” Professor Marples.

  • July 24: “Whales and Whaling,” Mr J. H. Sorensen.

  • August 22: “Penguins,” Mr L. E. Richdale.

  • September 25: “Divining for Water and Metal,” Dr F. J. Turner.

  • October 23, “Petrol and Natural Gas,” Miss C. McHaffie.

  • November 27: “Botany,” Mr G. Simpson.

Attendances: Interest has been maintained throughout the whole session, and attendances at both Council and general meetings has been good.

Financial: The year began with a credit balance in the Working Account of £1 18s 1d, and closed with a credit balance of £4 8s 1d. This amount, along with £11 2s 4d in the Life Members' Account, plus £2 7s 5d in hand, gives the branch a total of £17 17s 10d as assets. Liabilities are nil.

Conclusion: Times are very difficult, and as our work in the community is such a valuable one, all members are asked to do all in their power to maintain the attendances and interests of our meetings, and to extend our activities as much as possible.

It is with pleasure we record the completion of the new Museum building and announce the official opening on the 9th May. The new building is beautiful in appearance, and should prove a great asset to this province. Members may well feel satisfaction in the fact that they have so materially helped in this project.

The Branch President, Dr C. C. Anderson, wishes to thank all members for their support in the past, and to express the hope that the forthcoming season will prove as interesting and profitable a one as that just closed.