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Volume 73, 1943-44


– I –

The Royal Society Of New Zealand

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council, held 19th May, 1943.

The Annual Meeting of the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand was held on Wednesday, 19th May, 1943, in the Council Room, Victoria University College, Wellington.

The President, Lieutenant-Colonel Archey, presided.

Roll Call: The following were present:—

President: Lieutenant-Colonel G. Archey.

Vice-President: Dr. H. H. Allan.

Representing the Government: Mr. B. C. Aston, Lieutenant-Colonel E. Marsden, Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.

Representing the Auckland Institute: Mr. A. T., Pycroft, Professor H. W. Segar.

Representing the Wellington Branch: Dr. H. H. Allan, Dr. L. I. Grange.

Representing the Canterbury Branch: Dr. O. H. Frankel.

Representing the Otago Branch: Dr. C. M. Focken, Dr. F. J. Turner.

Representing the Hawke's Bay Branch: Mr. G. V. Hudson.

Representing the Nelson Institute: Dr. D. Miller.

Representing the Southland Branch: Professor W. P. Evans. Co-opted Member: Dr. P. Marshall.

Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from His Excellency the Governor-General, the Hon. the Minister for Scientific and Industrial Research, the Honorary Treasurer, Mr. M. A. Eliott, Professor E. R. Hudson (Government Representative). Dr. R. A. Falla (Canterbury Branch) was on leave of absence on military duties.

New Member of Council: The President welcomed to the Council Dr. O. H. Frankel, who had succeeded the late Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf as a representative of the Canterbury Branch.

Presidential Address: Lieutenant-Colonel Archey then addressed the meeting, referring first to the loss sustained by the Society by

– II –

the deaths of Dr. C. Coleridge Farr, a former President, Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, Dr. H. G. Denham, and two Honorary Members, Professor Bronislaw Malinowski, and Sir Daniel Hall.

At the conclusion of the address, Dr. Allan, Vice-President, moved that the President be thanked for his excellent address, and that he be asked to allow it to be printed in the Transactions, where it could be perused and the suggestions and recommendations contained in it fully considered. Carried by acclamation:

Notices of Motion: Four Notices of Motion were handed in and set down for consideration later in the meeting.

Hector Award: The following report of the Hector Award Committee was read:—

“…I beg to report on the findings of the Committee for the Hector Medal Award for chemistry.

“After preliminary correspondence I convened a meeting of Professor Evans, Mr Aston, and myself. We unanimously recommended Dr. L. H. Briggs for the award, and Professor Easterfield, who was unable to attend, was in argeement with this selection. I thereupon wrote to Professor Macbeth and have received a letter from him saying that he fully concurs.

Yours very truly,

P. W. Robertson.”

On the motion of Professor Evans, seconded by Mr. Aston, the Committee's recommendation was adopted.

Amount of Prize: On the motion of Professor Evans, seconded by Mr. Aston, it was resolved that the Hector Prize be £50.

Hamilton Memorial Prize: The following report was received from the Hamilton Award Committee:—

“… The Committee, consisting of Professor W. N. Benson, Lieutenant-Colonel G. Archey, and Dr. J. E. Holloway is unanimously of the opinion that the Prize should be awarded to C. A. Fleming.”

“The Committee desires to add that in its opinion the work of each of the two applicants is in itself worthy of the award, but that C. A. Fleming gives evidence of a broader view point.

John Holloway,


On the motion of the President, seconded by Dr. Oliver, the report of the Hamilton Award Committee was adopted.

Amount of Prize: On the motion of Professor Evans, seconded by Dr. Marshall, it was resolved that the prize be £5.

Declaration of Vacancies in Fellowship: The following vacancies in the Fellowship were announced:—Dr. C. Coleridge Farr, Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, Dr. H. G. Denham.

Number of Fellows to be Elected in 1944: On the motion of Lieutenant-Colonel Marsden, seconded by Professor Segar, it was resolved that two Fellows be elected in 1944.

– III –

Honorary Membership: An election for two honorary members was then held. As the result of the voting it was announced that Sir Arthur Eddington and Dr Harold Jeffreys had been elected Honorary Members.

Declaration of Vacancies in Honorary Membership: The following vacancies were announced: Professor Bronislaw Malinowski and Sir Daniel Hall. It was resolved that these two vacancies be filled in 1944.

Member Bodies' Reports and Balance Sheets: The following reports and balance sheets were laid on the table:—

  • Auckland Institute for the year ending 31st March, 1942.

  • Wellington Branch for the year ending 30th September, 1942.

  • Canterbury Branch for the year ending 31st October, 1942.

  • Otago Branch for the year ending 31st October, 1942.

  • Hawke's Bay branch for the year ending 31st March, 1943.

  • Nelson Institute for the year ending 31st December, 1942.

  • Southland Branch for the year ending 31st March, 1943.

Report of Standing Committee: On the motion of Mr. Aston, the following report of the Standing Committee was adopted.

Report of the Standing Committee for-the Year ending March 31st, 1943.

Meetings: Eight meetings of the Standing Committee were held during the year, the attendance being as follows:—The President, Lieut.-Col. Archey, Auckland, 2; Dr. H. H. Allan, Wellington, 8; Mr. B. C. Aston, Wellington, 8; Professor W. P. Evans, Wellington, 7; Dr. L. I. Grange, Wellington, 7; Mr. G. V. Hudson, Wellington, 6; Lieut.-Col. Marsden, Wellington, 1; Dr. P. Marshall, Wellington, 7; Dr. W. R. B. Oliver, Wellington, 6.

Council: At the beginning of the year Professor W. P. Evans was appointed to represent the Southland Branch. On September 24th, 1942, Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, one of the representatives of the Canterbury Branch, died, and the branch subsequently appointed Dr. R. S. Allan to succeed him. Dr. R. S. Allan has since resigned, and his successor has not yet been appointed. Apart from these changes, the Council remains the same as last year.

Obituary: It was with deep regret that the Standing Committee learned of the death of Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf. The following resolution, passed at a meeting of the Standing Committee held on October 22nd, 1942, was sent to his relatives:—

“That the Standing Committee records its sense of the loss sustained by the Royal Society of New Zealand by the death of Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf and its high appreciation of his services to education and his contribution to the advancement of science by his valuable and important researches and by his devoted attention to the affa [ unclear: ] s of the Society both in the Council as a valued colleague and in the Canterbury Branch as sometime President and member of the Council. It further extends to his sons its sincere sympathy in their bereavement.”

It is with great regret that the death on January 27th, 1943, of Dr. C. Coleridge Farr, a former President of the Society and for some years a member of the Council, is recorded. The sympathy of the Society was extended to his relatives.

Two other outstanding members of the Society have also died during the past year—Dr. H. G. Denham, a member of the Canterbury Branch and Chairman of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and Mr J. Scott Thomson, of Dunedin, well known in botanical circles.

Publications: Part 4 of Volume 71 and the first three parts of Volume 72 have been published at a cost of £538 18s 8d. Part 4 of Volume 72 is in the press, and should be distributed before the annual meeting in May.

The Honorary Editor, Dr. J. Marwick, or his Associate Editor, Dr. C. O. Hutton, has attended meetings of the Standing Committee whenever publication matters were under discussion.

– IV –

In view of the necessity of conserving paper, the Standing Committee decided that plates should be printed on both sides of the page, instead of on one side only. This will result in a reduction of 4s 6d per page in the printing of the plates.

The Wellington Branch requested that the recently imposed rule that no paper the estimated cost of which exceeds £20 will be accepted for publication in the Transactions might be reconsidered. A sub-committee was set up to consider the matter, and its report will come before the Standing Committee at its meeting in May.

Arrangements have been made for Obituary Notices of Sir Arthur Hill, Mr. R. M. Laing, Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf, Dr. C. Coleridge Farr, and Dr. H. G. Denham to be published in the Transactions.

Library: Exchanges—Owing to war conditions and the cessation of postal communication, 22 countries on the Society's exchange list have been affected. This means the suspension to the Library of 308 publications. Sixteen countries still have contact with the Society, and from these publications totalling 440 are received at more or less regular intervals. One or two institutions have decided, owing to the risk of loss in transit, to withhold distribution until after the war, but there have been comparatively few losses due to enemy action.

Presentations—Professor C. A. Cotton has presented to the Library copies of his four books. Geomorphology of New Zealand (two editions), Landscape as Developed by the Process of Normal Erosion (1941), Climatic Accidents in Landscape-making (1942).

Research Books—The late Dr. Denham purchased under a grant from the Royal Society the following books, which have now been deposited in the Library:—Coal Tar Distillation (Warne), Low Temperature Carbonisation of Bituminous Coals (McCullock), Analyses of Coal and Its By-Products ( [ unclear: ] lingworth), Constituents of Coal Tar (Spielman), Conversion of Coal into Oils” (Fischer), Utilisation of Low Grade and Waste Fuel (Goodrich).

Binding—The binder has in hand 40 volumes for binding. In normal times these would have been completed some time ago, but, owing to the difficulty of his obtaining assistance, the work has been delayed and the instruction of the last annual meeting that £50 be expended on binding in the current year has not been carried out.

The President, Lieut.-Col. Archey, donated to the Library Binding Fund the amount of his annual meeting travelling expenses, namely, £6 8s 6d.

Member Bodies: The annual report and balance sheets of the following member bodies have been received:—

  • Auckland Institute for the year ending March 31st, 1942.

  • Wellington Branch for the year ending September 30th, 1942.

  • Canterbury Branch for the year ending October 31st, 1942.

  • Otago Branch for the year ending October 31st, 1942.

  • Nelson Institute for the year ending December 31st, 1942.

  • Hawke's Bay Branch for the year ending March 31st, 1943.

  • Southland Branch for the year ending March 31st, 1943.

The reports and balance sheets have been sent to the Hon. Treasurer for report.

Fellowship F.R.S.N.Z.: Dr. L. H. Briggs and Dr. L. L. Grange were gazetted Fellows of the Royal Society of New Zealand on August 6th, 1942. The amendment to the Fellowship Rule (6B) passed at the last annual meeting was gazetted on August 6th, 1942 (No. 74).

No vacancies were declared at the annual meeting, so no election will take place at the next annual meeting. At that meeting three vacancies will have to be announced.

Honorary Membership: Field Marshal J. C. Smuts, who was elected an Honorary Member at last annual meeting, wrote stating that he “much appreciated the honour of being associated with the Royal Society of New Zealand, which had such a distinguished scientific record and many of whose members are and have been outstanding ornaments of science.”

– V –

To fill the vacancies caused by the deaths of Sir Arthur Hill and Sir William Bragg. member bodies were asked on September 10th to submit nominations, and seven have been received. The election will take place at the annual meeting.

Hector Award: The presentation of the Hector Medal and Prize to Dr. H. H. Allan was made by the President, Lieut.-Col. Archey, at the July meeting of the Wellington Branch.

Hutton Memorial Fund: The amendment to the Hutton Memorial Fund rules (No. 5) made at the last annual meeting was gazetted on August 6th, 1942 (No. 74). No applications for grants from the fund have been received.

T. K. Sidey Summer-time Fund: The amendments to the T. K. Sidey Summer-time Rules which were made at the last annual meeting, namely Rule 1 and the addition of a new Rule, No. 7, were gazetted on August 6th, 1942 (No. 74).

Hamilton Award Committee: In accordance with a resolution passed at last annual meeting, the Standing Committee elected the following Hamilton Award Committee to recommend an award to the annual meeting in May:—Rev. Dr. J. E. Holloway (convener), Lient.-Col. Archey, and Professor W. N. Benson. Two applications for the Hamilton Prize were received.

Plant Diseases Trust: As it was resolved at last annual meeting to accept the trust offered anonymously for work to be carried out at the Plant Diseases Division in Auckland, the Standing Committee, at its meeting on June 26th, set up the following sub-committee to draw up rules under which the new trust should be administered:—Dr. Allan (convener), Professor Evans, Lient.-Col. Marsden.

A cheque for £542 13s 5d was received from Lieut.-Col. Marsden on behalf of the donor, and £500 was immediately invested in the Liberty Loan then being opened. The balance was deposited in the Post Office Savings Bank, a Plant Diseases Trust Account having been opened there.

The following rules, drawn up by the sub-committee, were approved at a meeting of the Standing Committee held on July 14, 1942, and were gazetted on August 6th, 1942 (No. 74).

F.VII.—Rules Relating to Plant Diseases Trust.

  • 1. Grants from the Trust shall be in accordance with the terms set out in the Declaration of Trust, and shall be made by the Standing Committee of the Council at any of its regular meetings, or by the Council at its annual meeting.

  • 2. Except under special circumstances grants shall be made from the income only derived from the Trust Fund.

  • 3. Member bodies shall be asked to draw the attention of their members at the beginning of each year to the existence of the fund.

  • 4. Every candidate for a grant shall send to the Secretary of the Society an application for such grant, together with a statement of the purpose for which it is proposed to utilize the grant, the amount desired, and the qualifications of the candidate to carry out the work.

  • 5. Persons qualified to apply for a grant shall be—
    • (a) Botanists or zoologists not on the staff of the Plant Research Bureau of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research wishing to carry out work at the Plant Diseases Division headquarters or subsidiary stations;

    • (b) Botanists or zoologists, whether on the regular staff of the Plant Research Bureau or not, wishing to perform field work in aid of the Division, and needing assistance for travelling expenses.

    • (c) The Director of the Plant Diseases Division of the Plant Research Bureau, on his own behalf or on behalf of any botanist or zoologist, for any specified project that is a legitimate activity of his Division.

  • 6. The Standing Committee or the Council at its annual meeting shall, if it deems necessary or advisable, consult the Director of the Plant Diseases Division in determining whether to make a grant to any candidate or not.

– VI –
  • 7. Every recipient of a grant shall report to the Council, through its Secretary, within a month after the completion of the work, showing how the grant has been expended. His report shall be accompanied by one from the Director of the Plant Diseases Division.

Loder Cup: The Society nominated Mr. A. W. Wastney, of Nelson, for the Loder Cup in recognition of his umivalled knowledge of the botanical resources of the Nelson Province and the valuable wok he has done in demonstrating methods of collecting, storing, and distributing seed of native plants, and the Loder Cup Committee awarded the 1942 cup to Mr. Wastney.

Wild Life Control: Dr. Falla and Dr. Turner endeavoured to carry out the last annual meeting's instruction to convey to the Prime Minister in person the resolution which had been passed at that meeting regarding the administration of wild life matters. Owing, however, to his engagements, the Prime Minister was unable to be interviewed. The resolution was, therefore, conveyed by letter, and a reply under date of June 5th to the effect that it would receive careful consideration was received.

Subsequently correspondence was received from Mr. L. E. Richdale aul from the N.Z. Educational Institute at the instigation of Mr. Richdale regarding more adequate control of bird life and suggesting that a deputation should wait on the Prime Minister. The Standing Committee resolved to ask Dr. Falla to prepare the subject matter for such a deputation, in which other interested bodies such as the Forest and Bird Protection Society and the N.Z. Educational Institute should be asked to co-operate.

Dr. Falla forwarded material for the basis of a deputation, and the matter was referred to the Wild Life Control Committee to take action.

Science Teaching in Schools: The proposed syllabus, drawn up by the Education Department, which was referred by the annual meeting to the Standing Committee for consideration, was circulated to members of the Standing Committee and fully discussed at a meeting of the Standing Committee on June 2nd. The Vice-President, Dr. H. H. Allan, conveyed to the Minister of Education the Standing Committee's views on the proposed syllabus.

Carter Observatory Board: The term of office of the Society's representatives on the Carter Observatory Board having expired, Dr. M. A. F. Barnett and Mr. C. G. G. Berry were nominated for a further term on March 4th, 1943.

Valuation of Transactions in Stock: At a meeting of the Standing Committee held on June 26th, 1942, it was resolved to reduce the amount of insurance on the stock of Transactions by £500 and increase the insurance on the Library by that amount.

It was resolved that the estimated property assets shown in the balance sheet for the year ending March 31st, 1942, be not published in the Transactions, and it was further resolved on December 8th, 1942, that the estimated valuation of the Society's assets be not shown in the balance sheet.

Carnegie Corporation of New York: In 1936 the Society approached the Carnegie Corporation of New York for a grant to enable a comprehensive programme of research in New Zealand to be carried out.

This application has been considered by the Corporation from time to time, and a letter dated November 11th, 1942, stated that after consideration of the matter in relation to the current programme of the Corporation the Executive Committee regretted that it did not see its way clear to take favourable action.

National Patriotic Book Auction: In compliance with an instruction from the last annual meeting, a set of unbound parts of Hamilton's Maori Art and Transactions of the Society, Volumes 1, 5, 7-71, were sent to the organisers of the National Patriotic Churchill Book Auction.

The Society and Present-day Problems: At a meeting of the Standing Committee held on July 14th, attended by the President, a general discussion took place on the problems dealt with by Lieut.-Col. Archey in his Presidential Address at the last annual meeting. It was felt that, much as the Society might wish to make greater impact on the national scientific problems created by the war, it was restricted by the necessary secrecy which at the present time had to surround so many of the scientific advances being made.

The Vice-President, Dr. Allan, undertook to follow up one suggestion made [ unclear: ] President, that groups of Fellows in the various centres should meet [ unclear: ] change of ideas and mutual help.

– VII –

Arising therefrom: Report of Sub-Committee on Publication Expenses.

Dr. Allan moved the adoption of the following report of the Sub-Committee set up by the Standing Committee:—

“Your Committee met on the 16th March, 1943, and recommends

  • 1. That the rule restricting the total cost of any one paper to £20 remain in force.

  • 2. That the following proviso be added:—‘The Standing Committee may, in cases where it considers special circumstances justify the course, authorise a somewhat increased expenditure.’

  • 3. That it be a recommendation to the annual meeting that the following funds be drawn on to assist in meeting expenses of publication:—

    • (a) The whole of the proceeds from the sales of publications.

    • (b) The interest on the Endowment Fund.

    • (c) The interest on the Cockayne Memorial Fund, for botanical papers of special merit.

H. H. Allan

, Convener.”

On the motion of Dr. Turner, seconded by Mr. Pycroft, it was resolved to consider the report clause by clause.

Dr. Turner moved that Nos. 1 and 2 be deleted. As the motion was not seconded, it lapsed.

The President moved the adoption of Nos. 1 and 2. Seconded by Dr. Focken, and carried.

  • 3 (a). On the motion of Lieutenant-Colonel Marsden, seconded by Dr. Grange, 3 (a) was approved.

  • 3 (b). On the motion of Lieutenant-Colonel Marsden, seconded by Dr. Frankel, it was resolved that the amount of £75, interest in the Endowment Fund, be made available, if necessary, for this year's printing expenses.

  • 3 (c). On the motion of Dr. Allan, seconded by Dr. Oliver, 3 (c) was adopted.

Dr. Turner asked if the Hutton Fund could be utilised for publication purposes, and if so, could an additional clause be made to the above report. Professor Evans replied that he considered it unwise to allow the Hutton Fund to be used for publishing the results of researches.

Dr Allan, in supporting Professor Evans, stated that the Subcommittee had considered this matter and had come to the conclusion that under the terms of the Deed of Trust and the Rules of the Hutton Fund it was not permissible to use the Fund for publication purposes.

After some further discussion on the interpretation of the Deed it was moved by Dr Turner, seconded by Dr Focken, that the following clause be added to the Sub-committee's report:—

  • 3 (d). That £100 be made available from the Hutton Fund for publishing papers on botany, zoology, and geology.

– VIII –

It was moved by the President and carried that Dr Turner's motion be accepted as a Notice of Motion and considered later in the meeting.

Science Teaching in Schools: Professor Segar asked what action had been taken in regard to the society's recommendations on science teaching in schools. The President replied that the proposed syllabus submitted by the Educatior Department had been referred by the last annual meeting to the Standing Committee for consideration. Dr Allan reported that the syllabus had been fully considered by the Standing Committee in detail, and in its opinion it was too ambitious and gave insufficient attention to simple observational studies. The opinions of the members of the Standing Committee had been reported to the Director of Education.

On the motion of the President, seconded by Dr Focken, it was resolved that the findings of the Standing Committee on the proposed syllabus be forwarded to members of the Council.

Hon. Treasurer's Report: In the absence of the Honorary Treasurer, the President moved the adoption of the report and balance sheet and statements. Seconded by Dr Allan and carried.

Report of the Honorary Treasurer.

The statement of assets and liabilities shows a nominal balance of assets over liabilities of £692 8s 8d, as compared with £664 5s 4d in 1942; but, owing to the omission of any value being assessed on the Society's library, stocks, furniture, etc., this statement does not show the true position, and in my opinion is misleading. The Society has assets insured for £3340, yet no mention of these assets is made on the balance sheet.

In any company or trading concern such an omission would be immediately challenged by the Auditor, and any shareholder would have good grounds for legal action.

The Endowment Fund shows a credit of £2115, as compared with £2011 last year. The cost of printing the Transactions shows a small decrease, £555, as against £611 in 1942.

A new Trust Account. “The Plant Diseases Trust,” with a capital of £500, plus interest £42 13s 5d, appears for the first time. The remaining Trust Accounts are in much the same position and do not call for any special comment.

The books and accounts have as usual been well and accurately kept.

Member Bodies' Reports and Balance Sheets
Member Body. Members. Receipts. Expenditure. Rule 3.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Auckland Institute 572 9620 16 4 9402 14 3 Library, Museum, Levy
Wellington Branch 224 177 3 6 291 18 3 Library and Levy
Canterbury Branch 238 172 5 3 122 15 7 Library and Levy
Otago Branch 160 167 16 0 95 2 5 Levy
Hawke's Bay Branch 57 23 2 6 30 17 0 Library and Levy
Nelson Institute 814 1436 17 1 1323 17 8 Library and Levy
Southland Branch 46 52 4 11 53 19 5 Museum and Levy

M. A. Eliott

, Honorary Treasurer. April 16th, 1943.

The President pointed out that the Audit Department required that the Society's Property Assets be included in the balance sheet, and they had accordingly been shown in their estimated and/or their insured value.

– IX –
Statement of Receipts and Payments for the Year Ending March 31, 1943.
Receipts. Payments.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Balance at March 31, 1942 889 16 5 Otago Daily Times Co.–Col. 71 (4), 72 (1, 2, 3) 555 10 7
Annual Grant 750 0 0 Salary 325 0 0
Levy, Volume 71 187 0 0 Charges (Insurance, Telephone, Audit, etc.) 26 6 9
Sales of Publications 13 3 3 Petty Cash (Secretary, Editor, Treasurer) 10 12 6
Travelling Expenses: Member Bodies' Share 23 10 6 Travelling Expenses 26 18 10
Interest on P.O. Savings Bank Account 15 1 5 Stationery 3 6 0
Plant Diseases Trust Account 542 13 5 Plant Diseases Trust: Part Capital Invested 500 0 0
Endowment Fund Interest 77 1 8 Plant Diseases Trust P.O. Savings Bank Account 42 13 5
Hector Memorial Fund Interest 52 7 6 Endowment Fund: Interest Invested 150 0 0
Hutton Memorial Fund Interest 70 3 0 Hamilton Memorial Fund Invested 60 0 0
Carter Library Legacy Interest 6 11 3 Hutton Grants 47 2 6
T. K. Sidey Summer-time Fund Interest 23 15 8 Hector Prize and Engraving Medal 50 7 3
Cockayne Memorial Fund Interest 11 13 10 Audit Trust Accounts 1 7 6
Hamilton Memorial Fund Interest 3 12 6 Trust Funds paid direct to P.O. Savings Bank Accounts 148 7 7
Adjustments between Trust Accounts and Bank of N.Z. 160 4 9 Adjustments between Bank of N.Z. and Trust Accounts 11 8 8
Balance as Under 867 13 7
£2,820 15 2 £2,826 15 2
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Bank of New Zealand 311 6 1
Less Unpresented Cheque 246 17 6
64 8 7
Post Office Savings Bank 796 15 0
861 3 7
Petty Cash in Hand 6 10 0
£867 13 7
– X –
Statement of Liabilities and Assets at March 31, 1943.
Liabilities. Assets.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Hector Memorial Fund Capital Account 1.184 18 1 Inscribed Stock 6,178 2 6
Hector Memorial Fund Revenue Account 83 2 8 Bank of New Zealand 64 8 7
Hutton Memorial Fund Capital Account 1,506 8 6 Post Office Savings Bank 796 15 0
Hutton Memorial Fund Revenue Account 276 16 10 Petty Cash in Hand 6 10 0
T. K. Sidey Summer-time Fund Capital Account 532 0 11 Sundry Debtors 90 5 1
T. K. Sidey Summer-time Fund Revenue Account 112 19 7 Hector Memorial Fund P.O. Savings Bank Account 83 2 8
Cockayne Memorial Fund Capital Account 249 12 0 Hutton Memorial Fund P.O. Savings Bank Account 276 16 10
Cockayne Memorial Fund Revenue Account 66 4 5 T. K. Sidey Summer-Time P.O. Savings Bank Account 144 18 0
Hamilton Memorial Fund Capital Account 71 9 10 Cockayne Memorial Fund P.O. Savings Bank Account 66 4 5
Hamilton Memorial Fund Revenue Account 5 17 0 Hamilton Memorial Fund P.O. Savings Bank Account 17 6 10
Carter Library Legacy Capital Account 162 19 0 Carter Library Legacy P.O. Savings Bank Account 0 7 8
Plant Diseases Trust Capital Account 542 13 5 Carter Library Legacy owed to R.S.N.Z. 3 11 5
Endowment Fund Capital Account 2,014 2 5 Plant Diseases Trust P.O. Savings Bank Account 42 13 5
Endowment Fund Revenue Account 101 2 3
Library Fund 46 6 4
Research Grants Fund 122 0 6
Balance of Assets over Liabilities 692 8 8
£7,771 2 5 £7,771 2 5
Property Assets Estimated and Insurance Value
Estimated Value. Insurance Value.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Library and Stack Room, Victoria University College 11,592 12 0 4,500 0 0
Furniture 40 0 0
Stock in Store Room, Parliament Buildings 500 0 0
Carter Library, Dominion Museum (jointly owned with Dominion Museum) 500 0 0
£5,540 0 0
– XI –
Revenue Account for the Year Ending March 31, 1943.
Expenditure. Income.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Printing Transactions, Vol. 71 (4), 72 (1, 2, 3) 555 10 7 By Balance at March 31, 1942 664 5 4
" Stationery 3 6 0 " Annual Grant 750 0 0
" Salary 325 0 0 " Levy 188 15 0
" Petty Cash (Secretary, Treasurer, Editor) 10 12 6 " Sales of Publications 28 4 3
" Charges (Insurance, Telephone, Audit, etc.) 26 6 9 " Trust Funds Administration Expenses 5 0 0
" Sales credited to Endowment Fund 13 3 3
" Travelling Expenses 9 16 10
" Balance 692 8 8
£1,636 4 7 £1,636 4 7
By Balance £692 8 8

The Audit Office, having examined the Balance Sheet and accompanying Accounts required by law to be audited, hereby certifies then to be corret.

M. A. Eliott

, Hon. Treasurer.

Cyril Collins

, Controller and Auditor-General.

– XII –

Trust Accounts for the Year Ending March 31, 1943.

Hector Memorial Fund.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Hector Prize 50 0 0 By Capital Invested 1,184 18 1
" Engraving Hector Medal 0 7 3 " Balance Revenue Account 31/3/42 82 7 5
" Administration Expenses 1 5 0 " Interest 52 7 6
" Balance 1,268 0 9
£1,319 13 0 £1,319 13 0
By Balance £1,268 0 9
Hutton Memorial Fund.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Grants 47 2 0 By Capital Invested 1,506 8 6
" Administration Expenses 1 5 0 " Balance Revenue Account, 31/3/42 255 1 4
" Balance 1,783 5 4 " Interest 70 3 0
£1,831 12 10 £1,831 12 10
By Balance £1,783 5 4
T. K. Sidey Summer-time Fund.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Administration Expenses 1 5 0 By Capital Invested 500 2 6
" One-tenth Interest to Capital 2 7 7 " Capital in P.O.S.B. 31 18 5
" Balance 645 0 6 " Balance Revenue Account, 31/3/42 92 16 £
" Interest 23 15 8
£648 13 1 £648 13 1
By Balance £645 0 6
Hamilton Memorial Fund.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Administration Expenses 0 5 0 By Capital Invested 60 0 0
" Half Interest to Capital 1 16 3 " Capital in P.O.S.B. 11 9 10
" Balance 77 6 10 " Balance Revenue Account, 31/3/42 4 5 9
" Interest 3 12 6
£79 8 1 £79 8 1
By Balance £77 6 10
Carter Library Legacy.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Balance Revenue Account, 31/3/42 9 7 8 By Capital Invested 162 19 0
" Administration Expenses 0 15 0 " Interest 6 11 3
" Balance 163 6 8 " Balance Loan from R.S.N.Z. 3 19 1
£173 9 4 £173 9 4
By Balance £163 6 8
– XIII –
Cockayne Memorial Fund.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Administration Expenses 0 2 6 By Capital Invested 249 12 0
" Balance 315 16 5 " Balance Revenue Account, 31/3/42 54 13 1
" Interest 11 13 10
£315 18 11 £315 18 11
By Balance £315 16 5
Plant Diseases Trust.
£ s. d.
By Capital Invested, 1942 500 0 0
" Capital in P.O.S.B. 42 13 5
£542 13 5
Endowment Fund.
Dr. Cr.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
To Interest Invested 150 0 0 By Capital Invested 2,014 2 5
" Administration Expenses 1 10 0 " Balance Revenue Account, 31/3/42 147 5 11
" Balance 2,115 4 8 " Interest 77 1 8
" Interest, General Account 15 1 5
" Sales of Publications 13 3 3
£2,266 14 8 £2,266 14 8
By Balance £2,115 4 8

Hon. Editor's Report: On the motion of Dr. Allan, seconded by Mr. Hudson, the report of the Hon. Editor was adopted.

Report of Honorary Editor.

During the year ended 31st March, 1943, the four parts of Volume 72, Transactions R.S.N.Z., comprising 439 pages and 43 plates, have been printed.

Compared with last year's volume, this is an increase of 56 pages (15 p.c.), and a decrease of 9 plates (17 p.c.).

The papers of Volume 72 are as follows:—

Subject. No. of Papers. Pages. Plates. Figures.
Astronomy 1 10
Botany 4 43 5 63
Geology 11 198 17 364
Meteorology 1 13 92
Palaeontology 2 15 3
Seismology 1 3
Zoology 11 165 16 42
Proceedings 33 1
Abstracts 2
Obituary 3 1
Appendix 8
Index 5
– XIV –

The following manuscripts have been handled during the year:—

Manuscripts printed in Volume 72 31
Manuscripts being printed, Volume 73 (1) 6
Manuscripts in hand 5
Manuscripts returned to authors for revision 5
Manuscripts declined 2

The average time between the receipt of papers as finally approved and their date of publication has been six months, a decrease of one month, compared with the preceding year. The longest period has been twelve and a-half months.

The Editor is greatly indebted to Dr. C. O. Hutton, Associate Editor, for help always freely given, and to the referees for painstaking work.

J. Marwick

, Honorary Editor.

On the motion of Mr. Hudson, it was resolved that the Council express its appreciation of the Honorary Editor's services, and that he and his Associate Editor be warmly thanked for their fine work on behalf of the Society.

Hon. Librarian's Report: On the motion of Professor Evans, the report of the Hon. Librarian was adopted.

Honorary Librarian's Report for the Year Ended 31st March, 1943.

Good use continues to be made of the Library by members of the Society and by the Staff and advanced students of Victoria University College. The Libraries inter-loan facilities are becoming more and more appreciated.

Presentations: Professor C. A. Cotton has presented to the Library his four books—“Geomorphology” (two editions), “Landscape as Developed by the Processes of Normal Erosion,” and “Climatic Accidents in Landscape-making.”

Binding: The binder has not been able to complete all the volumes sent to him for binding. He has been unable to secure labour, and essential binding contracts with Government Departments had to be given priority; he reports that he has now been able to obtain some assistance, and the volumes should be completed by the end of May.

Exchanges: The Library continues to receive fairly regularly publications from those countries with which there is still postal contact, and in January a large shipment of arrears and current volumes was received from America.

The Library Committee met during the year and recommended the addition of three new exchanges.

A [ unclear: ] heady there is little room left on the shelves in the Library's new quarters, and the question of additional space will soon have to be faced.

W. P. Evans

, Honorary Librarian.

On the motion of Dr. Marshall, seconded by Dr. Grange, a special vote of thanks was accorded to Professor C. A. Cotton for the gift of his four books to the Library.

Hutton Grantees' Reports: The reports of the Hutton grantees, were received.

Reports of Hutton Grantees.

Dr. F. J. Turner, who was granted £50 for research on structural petrology of metamorphic rocks, reported on the 19th April, 1943, that oriented rock sections (57 in number) were made by Mr. G. Chisholm at a total cost of £7 2s 6d. The remainder of the 1941 grant (£25) was used in connection with the publication of a paper on Olivine Fabrics in Peridotites.

No further field work has been done, but a number of oriented sections of schists and scheelite veins from Glenorchy district are at present being cut. This work is now in progress in the Geology Department, University of Otago, where all rock specimens concerned in this report have been deposited.

– XV –

Mr. L. E. Richdale, who, in 1942, was granted £40 for ornithological research at Stewart Island, reports that the grant has been expended in several visits to Stewart Island and Herekopere Island.

Six papers resulting from his researches at Stewart Island are in course of preparation or have been published.

The work is being continued on the Island and supplementary papers to the above will be commenced next year.

Regarding his first Hutton Grant. Mr. Richdale reports that the paper on the first Yellow-eyed Penguin was completed last October. It contains 700 pages of typescript and 174 photographs. “When somebody is willing to undertake the task it will be published. A resumé has appeared in “The Emu,” 1941, Volume 40.”

National Art Gallery and Dominion Museum: On the motion of Dr. Marshall, seconded by Mr. Pycroft, the report of the representatives on the Board of Trustees of the National Art Gallery and Dominion Museum was adopted.

National Art Gallery and Dominion Museum Board of Trustees.
Report of Society's Representatives.

The Board of Trustees met four times during the year ended 31st March. 1943, and the Royal Society was represented at each meeting.

War conditions have now still further curtailed the space available for the work of the staff. However, the Director and the Staff have worked hard to maintain in good order those collections which are still exhibited as well as those that are stored away. Much work has been done under conditions that are most trying and depressing.

The Staff has been somewhat depleted as several of its members are now engaged in war work and have consequently given up their duties at the Museum.

Efforts are being made to maintain the buildings in good condition.

Further excavations have been made in ground close to the building, but these have not affected its stability.

All necessary fire-watching services have been fully maintained.

P. Marshall.

W. P. Evans.

Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture: On the motion of Dr. Oliver, seconded by Dr. Allan, the report was adopted.

The Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.
Report of Representative.

Three numbers of the Journal of the Institute were published during the year. Among the information of interest to horticulturists was an article on artificial screes, and a paper on the botany of the Pouakai ranges.

Candidates for the Institute's diplomas and certificates have shown a marked reduction during the past two years. Only ten presented themselves in the November, 1942, examinations. Since the Examining Board was set up 243 diplomas and 171 certificates have been awarded.

At the annual meeting of the Institute, held in January, 1943, the following remit, originating from the Canterbury District Council, was referred to a Committee for further consideration:–

“That in planning any local or national scheme of post-war rehabilitation or suitable avenues of employment, horticulture in all its branches, both economic and aesthetic, be given serious consideration.

While recognising the claims of economic horticulture, it is nevertheless considered that the beautification of urban and rural districts as well as the home surroundings of the people, must play an important part in developing the mental and spiritual outlook and the character of the people. Moreover, that in the interests of the national physical fitness and well-being of all sections of the community, greater consideration be given to the provision, design, equipment and maintenance of parks and recreation facilities, including outdoor and indoor gymnasia.”

W. R. B. Oliver.

– XVI –

Great Barrier Reef Committee's Report: On the motion of Dr. Oliver, seconded by Mr. Hudson, the report of the representative on the Committee was adopted.

Report of Representative on Great Barrier Reef Committee.

One meeting of the Committee was held during the year 1942.

The Chairman reported that Lindeman and Molle Islands in the Reef area had been proclaimed reserves for National Parks. Volume 5 of the Reports of the Great Barrier Reef Committee was published during the year. It contained the results of Professor Richards' and Dr. Dorothy Hill's studies on material from Michaelmas Reef and Heron Island. A review of this report was contributed by Professor Skeats to the Australian Journal of Science, Vol. 5, p. 38, 1942.

The financial statement showed a balance of £1710 12s 11d, of which amount £1300 is in bonds.

W. R. B. Oliver.

Tongariro National Park Board of Trustees: On the motion of Dr Marshall, his report as representative on the Park Board was adopted.

Tongariro National Park Board.
Report of Representative.

A meeting of the Board was held on December 16, 1942.

Matter's dealing with the felling of timber on lands adjacent to the National Park were dealt with and provisions to prevent trespass on Park lands were adopted.

The Chateau building has been taken over by the Health Department as well as the shelter sheds adjacent to it. However, the shelter sheds on the slopes of the mountain are still available for the requirements of mountaineers.

It was stated that every care has been taken to establish native vegetation on the ground that was laid bare by the realigning of the road which extends from the Chateau to the Taupo Road.

P. Marshall.

Dr Marshall explained that the Chateau had been taken over by the Health Department to house the Porirua Mental Hospital patients (this hospital having been severely damaged in the earthquake) so that the Chateau and Park were closed to all tourist traffic. The President stated that provision should be made for members of the Park Board to visit the Park, and he suggested that Dr. Marshall should be given authority by the Chairman of the Park Board to inspect it and see that all was in order.

Observatories' Committee: On the motion of the President the report of the representatives on the Observatories' Committee was adopted.

Observatories' Committee.
Report of Representatives.

The Observatories' Committee has not met this year.

Satisfactory reports have been received regularly from the Apia and Dominion Observatories.

Although no question has arisen requiring the attention of the Committee, I think it is a mistake that the Committee does not function in a regular manner.

D. C. H. Florance

, Chairman.

Lieut.-Colonel Marsden stated that he would see that the Committee was called together in the coming year.

Carter Observatory Board: In moving the adoption of the report of the representatives of the Society on the Carter Observatory Board

– XVII –

the President said the Carter Lecture Room was fulfilling useful work in being used for instructional courses for airmen, W.A.A.F., and Meteorological Observers.

Carter Observatory Board.
Report of Representatives.

Since our last report there have been four meetings of the Board.

Mr. M. Luckie and Dr. C. E. Adams were elected Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively for the year ended March 31, 1943.

It is with regret that we have to record the death of Dr Coleridge Farr, who was one of the Government's nominees on the Board.

The final payment for the erection of the Carter Observatory building has been made, and the approach path and grounds adjacent to the building have been laid out.

During the year Mr. I. L. Thomsen, who was Acting Director, vice Mr. M. Geddes, was called up in the ballot for active service. Since then. Mr. W. S. Coppin, of the Town Clerk's Department of the Wellington City Council, has been acting Secretary and Treasurer to the Board.

As a result of the absence of both Messrs Geddes and Thomsen the public evenings have been abandoned in the meantime.

Miss K. Turner has continued with essential clerical duties and has carried on as far as possible the solar and auroral work of the Observatory.

While the members of the staff are on active service, Dr. Barnett has consented to act in a general supervising capacity for the Observatory, and Mr. Berry has agreed to examine the instruments periodically.

The Board has given permission for the lecture room at the Observatory to be used by the Meteorological Office, from time to time, in connection with instructional courses given to Airmen and W.A.A.F. meteorological observers.

M. A. F. Barnett.

C. G. G. Berry.

The meeting adjourned for lunch.

On resuming, all were present except Lieut.-Colonel Marsden.

Wild Life Control Committee's Report: Dr. Oliver reported that the Standing Committee had authorised the Wild Life Control Committee to arrange a deputation to the Prime Minister regarding bird protection. The Wellington members of the Committee had met and were of the opinion that the deputation should be in a position to make definite proposals regarding the wider question of Wild Life administration, and that the support and co-operation of all interested organisations should be obtained.

The Wild Life Control Committee had therefore circularised the Branches of the Royal Society and asked them to approach the Forest and Bird Protection Society, the N.Z. Alpine Society, the N.Z. Educational Institute, the Royal N.Z. Institute of Horticulture, the N.Z. University Colleges and Automobile Associations, laying before them the questions it is proposed to place before the Prime Minister and asking for their recommendations on the proposals ontlined or others it is considered should be included.

Mr Pycroft mentioned a report in the press to the effect that authority was being sought for the taking of native pigeons to be sent to the Maori forces overseas.

Dr. Turner mentioned that the Otago Branch had written to the Society advocating the erection of a small observation hut on Whero Island. The secretary reported that no such letter had yet been received.


The President moved the adoption of Dr. Oliver's report.—Carried.

T. K. Sidey Summer-time Award: It was reported that there was sufficient interest accrued in the T.K. Sidey Summer-time Fund to make an award in 1944.

Dr. Allan stated that under the rules the Council had to approve a list of societies and institutions to which copies of the notice of intention to make an award should be sent. He recommended that the following be included in such a list:—

  • 1. Branches of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

  • 2. New Zealand Association of Scientific Workers.

  • 3. University Colleges, N.Z. University.

  • 4. Massey Agricultural College.

  • 5. Lincoln Agricultural College.

  • 6. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

  • 7. Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science.

  • 8. The Australian National Research Council.

  • 9. The Australian Association of Scientific Workers.

  • 10. Royal Societies of N.S. Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

  • 11. The Royal Society of South Africa.

  • 12. South African Association for the Advancement of Science.

  • 13. The Royal Society of Canada.

  • 14. The Royal Society of London.

  • 15. The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

  • 16. The National Research Council of Washington.

On the motion of Dr. Allan, seconded by Mr. Pycroft, it was resolved that notices of intention to make a T. K. Sidey Summer-time Award in May, 1944, be sent to the above named institutions.

Notices of Motion: No. 1. Professor Evans moved, Dr. Marshall seconded—“That the Council at its next annual meeting decide for what object or objects the capital of the Endowment Fund may ultimately be used, and as soon as possible thereafter take the necessary steps to have a statement of these objects inserted in the Deed of Trust.”

After a good deal of discussion, the motion, on being put to the meeting, was carried.

No. 2. Dr. Focken moved, Dr. Turner seconded—“That this Council is of the opinion that, on account of war requirements a larger proportion of youths in secondary schools and students proceeding to the University should be advised and encouraged to study physical sciences and mathematics (including engineering). The Council suggests that one helpful step would be for the Director of Education to write to the University Colleges and secondary schools pointing this out and asking them to bring it to the attention of their students. At the same time, radio-physics students should be advised that this may not lead to peace-time employment.”

On being put to the meeting this motion was carried.

– XIX –

No. 3. Dr. Turner moved, Dr. Focken seconded—“That this Council, after obtaining the opinions of Member Bodies, consider the desirability of attaching special weight to nominees for honorary membership of the Society, whose scientific work is directly connected with New Zealand.”

On being put to the meeting the motion was carried.

No. 4. Dr. Turner moved, Dr. Focken seconded—“That this Council approve the principle that any applicant for a grant from the Hutton Fund may include as a legitimate item of expense excess publication expenses to be incurred in publishing the results of his research in the Transactions.”

On being put to the meeting this motion was lost.

Honorary Treasurer: A letter was received from Mr. M. A. Eliott stating that acting on medical advice he would be unable to accept nomination for a further term of office as Honorary Treasurer. He wrote:

“…. During the 18 years in which it has been my privilege and pleasure to act as Honorary Treasurer, and also about 10 years previously as a member of the Council, I have made many valued and, I trust, lasting friendships. My association with my fellow members has always been of the most cordial and pleasant nature. Any assistance or advice that I have been able to render the Society has been a source of gratification to me. It is with extreme regret that I feel compelled to sever my connection with an institution that deservedly ranks so high, and which has done so much in the interests of science in New Zealand. I will always look back with feelings of pleasure and pride to my 28 years' connection with the Royal Society, which has my very best wishes. for its continued success in the future….”

On the motion of the President, it was unanimously resolved—

“That the grateful thanks of the Society be accorded to Mr. M. A. Eliott for his services for many years as Honorary Treasurer of the Society, for his keen interest in the Society's affairs, for his guardianship of its finances, and for his friendly courtesy at all times to members of the Council.

“It is with deep regret that his resignation has been received and it is the sincere hope of members of the Council that Mr. Eliott will soon be restored to health and vigour.”

Election of Officers: The following officers were elected:—

H. Allan.
Vice-President: Dr. P. Marshall.
Hon. Treasurer: Referred to the Standing Committee for election.
Hon. Editor: Dr. J. Marwick.
Hon. Librarian: Professor W. P. Evans.
Co-opted Member: Dr. J. Marwick.
Managers Trust Accounts: Mr. B. C. Aston and Hon. Treasurer when elected.
Representative N.Z. Institute of Horticulture: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.
Representative Great Barrier Reef Committee: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.
– XX –
Representative Observatories' Committee: Professors D. C. H. Florance and P. W. Burbidge.

The following Committees were appointed:—

Dr. Oliver (Convener), Dr. H. D. Skinner, Dr. Peter Buck.
Hutton Award Committee: Rev. Dr. J. E. Holloway (Convener), Dr. D. Miller, Professor J. A. Bartrum.
T. K. Sidey Summer-time Award Committee: Lieut.-Colonel E. Marsden (Convener), Dr. H. H. Allan, Dr. C. E. Hercus.
Library Committee: Professor W. P. Evans, Dr. H. H. Allan, Professor C. A. Cotton (re-appointed).
Fellowship Selection Committee: Lieut.-Colonel G. Archey, Professor H. W. Segar, Dr. H. H. Allan, Dr. J. Marwick, Mr. B. C. Aston.
Wild Life Control Committee: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver (Convener), Dr. H. H. Allan, Lieut.-Colonel G. Archey, Mr. E. F. Stead, Dr. R. A. Falla, Mr. L. E. Richdale, and Rev. Dr. J. E

Votes of Thanks: On the motion of the President, seconded by Dr. Allan, a vote of thanks was passed to Victoria University College for the use of the room, and also to the Press.

On the motion of Dr. Allan, the meeting expressed the greatest appreciation of the work of Lieut.-Colonel Archey during his term of office as President, work carried on in spite of the difficulties in which he was placed because of military duties. His chairmanship, his insight, his attendance, when possible, at meetings of the Standing Committee, and his Presidential addresses had been an inspiration. Dr. Marshall endorsed Dr. Allan's words of appreciation. Lieut.-Colonel Archey, in thanking the members, said he very much appreciated the remarks about his services, and wished that circumstances had allowed him to give closer attention to the affairs of the Society. He wished, also, to express his appreciation of the services of the Secretary, Miss M. Wood, to whom, on his motion, a cordial vote of thanks was passed.

On the motion of the President, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the Vice-President, Dr. H. H. Allan, for his work on behalf of the Society.

Confirmed at Standing Committee meeting, 3rd June, 1943.

H. H. Allan

, Chairman.