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Volume 74, 1944-45
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Cardium huttoni Ihering.

1907. Ann. Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires, vol. xiv, p. 291.

This name was proposed by von Ihering for a Waipara shell that Hutton had identified as the Peruvian C. multiradiatum (Sowby.). The shell figured by Suter (1915, pl. 6, fig. 5) as a topotype is a Hedecardium and on this basis huttoni was synonymized with greyi by Powell and Bartrum (1929, p. 408). It is not certain, however, that von Ihering's type specimen is even generically the same as the Canterbury “topotype”. No formal description was given; but a sentence of description and the locality “Miocene of Waipara” can be taken as legalizing the name. The description is: “The first 6–7 anterior radial ribs are furnished with tubercles; the anterior dorsal margin is raised in the middle and crowded against the beak.” Now the anterior ribs of Hedecardium are not tuberculate, but those of Maoricardium are, and Maoricardium also occurs at Waipara. Until direct evidence is obtained from von Ihering's type material in the Museum of Sao Paulo, the exact application of huttoni must remain in doubt.

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D.H.K.R. photo.
K.S.M. del.
Figs. 1, 2, 5.—Hedecardium waitakiense (Suter). G.S. 1821, Wharekuri, X 0.8.
Fig. 3.—Hedecardium cantuariense (Laws). G.S. 1985, Ardgowan, X 0.7.
Fig. 4.—Hedecardium greyi (Hutton). Holotype, X 0.8.
Fig. 6.—Hedecardium olssoni n.sp. Holotype, X 0.75.
Figs. 7, 8.—Trachycardium (Ovicardium) rossi n.sp. Holotype, X 0.6.

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K.S.M. del.
Fig. 9.—Hedecardium brunneri (Hector). G.S. 29, Brunner, lectotype, X 1.
Fig. 10.—Nemocardium (Pratulum) quinarium n.sp. Detail of sculpture much enlarged.
Fig. 11.—Hedecardium brunneri (Hector). Cast. G.S. 2119, Green Valley, X 1.
Figs. 12, 13.—Nemocardium (Pratulum) pulchellum (Gray). Seven faths., Tryphena Bay, X 2.
Figs. 14, 15.—Hedecardium waitakiense (Suter). G.S. 1821, showing the cemented right cardinals, 14 from above, 15 from obliquely forward.
Fig. 16.—Nemocardium (Pratulum) quinarium n.sp. Holotype, X 3.
Figs. 17, 18.—Nemocardium (Pratulum) modicum n.sp. Holotype, X 3. (Sculpture detail much enlarged.)
Figs. 19, 22, 23.—Trachycardium (Ovicardium) parki n.sp. Holotype, X 0.6.
Fig. 20.—Nemocardium (Pratulum) pulchellum (Gray). Seven faths., Tryphena Bay, X 2.
Fig. 21.—Ethmocardium woodsi n.sp. Holotype, X 2. (Note internal pits filled by matrix.)

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K.S.M. del.
Fig. 24.—Varicardium patulum (Hutton). Holotype, X 0.6.
Fig. 25.—Hedecardium olssoni n.sp. Sculpture detail on posterior area of juvenile only, X 9.
Figs. 26, 27.—Varicardium serum (Hutton). Topotype, X 0.6.
Figs. 28, 32, 33.—Varicardium patulum (Hutton). Clifden, zone 7, X 0.7.
Fig. 29.—Maoricardium gudexi (Laws). Holotype, X 1. (After Laws.)
Fig. 30.—Maoricardium spatiosum (Hutton). G.S. 1101. Waipipi Beach, X 0.7.
Fig. 31.—Procardia dolicha (Suter). G.S. 1286, Terakohe, X 0.6.