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Volume 74, 1944-45
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In Species Hepaticarum 4, 190, Stephani ascribes the Norfolk Island species, Radula mittenii St., to New Zealand. I have not yet met with any plant that corresponds with his description and drawing. According to these, the plantmay be 5 cm. long, the leaf re-

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Fig. 1—R. allisonii. Figs. 2–3—R. sainsburiana. Fig. 4—R. plicata. Fig. 5—R. helmsiana. Fig. 6—R. buccinifera. Fig. 7—R. papulosa. Fig. 8—R. physoloba. Fig. 9—R. marginata. Fig. 10—R. uvifera. Fig. 11—R. silvosa. Fig. 12—R. grandis. Fig. 13—R. levieri. Fig. 14—R. dentata. blank

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sembling that of R. levieri, and the perianth that of R. buccinifera, but it differs from both these species in the lobule which has the free portion of the lobule base ampliate, and partly covering the stem. A specimen in Herb. Petrie, No. 131, determined by Stephani as R. mittenii, is R. levieri.

Radula albipes Col., Trans. N.Z. Inst., 21, p. 71, 1888, is Lejeunia nudipes. Tayl, according to Stepheni in his Revision of Colenso's New Zealand Hepaticae, and from the description, this appears to be correct.