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Volume 75, 1945-46
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Powell, A. W. B., 1930. The Paryphantidae of New Zealand. Rec. Auck. Mus., vol. i, no. 1, pp. 17–56.

—— 1938. The Paryphantidae of New Zealand No. IV. Rec. Auck. Mus., vol. ii, no. 3, pp. 133–150.

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Figs. 1–3.—Paryphanta (Paryphanta) busbys (Gray). genotype. X 1.
Figs. 4.—Egg of P. busbyi. X 4.
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Figs. 5–7.—Pa yphanta (Powelliphanta) hochstetteri (Pfeiffer). subgenotype. X 1. Fig. 8.—Egg of P. hochstetteri. X 4.

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Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Vol. 75, Part I, pp. 57–64, 2 Text Figs.