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Volume 76, 1946-47


Coordinates of the 9-in. Refracting Telescope at the Carter Observatory, and Nearby Stations.
By I. L. Thomsen 6165
The Moss Flora of the Arthur Pass National Park.
By William Martin 3757
List of Orchid Species Common to Australia and New Zealand.
By Edwin D. Hatch 5860
Note on a New Species of Red Alga, Lenormandia coronata.
By Victor W. Lindauer and William A. Setchell 66, 67
New Zealand Hepaticae (Liverworts). V.
By E. Amy Hodgson 6886
Geographic Range and Internal Distribution of the Mosses Indigenous to New Zealand.
By William Martin 162184
Notes on the Indigenous Vegetation at the Head of the Maruia River and Ada Pass, with Lists of Species.
By W. B. Brockie 255261
A Study of Entelea arborescens R. Br. (“Whau”).
By L. H. Millener 267288
The New Zealand Forms of Prasophyllum R. Br.
By Edwin D. Hatch 289293
An Annotated List of the Brown Scaweeds, Phacophyceae, of New Zealand.
By Victor W. Lindauer 542566
Descriptions of New Species of Scirpus.
By Varner J. Cook 567571
The New Zealand Forms of Acianthus R. Br.
By Edwin D. Hatch 572573
The New Zealand Forms of Corybas Salisb.
By Edwin D. Hatch 574580
The Growth of a Species of the Genus Lilacopsis in Fresh-water Reservoirs near Wellington.
By Greta B. Stevenson 581588
Notes on New Zealand Floristic Botany. Including Description of New Species, etc. No. 8.
By H. H. Allan 589596
The Vapour Pressures of Perchloric Acid Solutions at 25°.
By R. A. Robinson and O. J. Baker 250254
The Vapour Pressures of Potassium Ferricyanide and Thorium Nitrate Solutions at 25°.
By R. A. Robinson and Barbara J. Levien 295299
The Occurrence of Methyl Salicylate in a Fern, Asplenium lamprophyllum.
By Lindsay H. Briggs and William I. Taylor 597
The Basic Igneous Rocks of Eastern Otago and their Tectonic Environment. Part 5.
By W. N. Benson 136
Geology of Fox River Headwaters, Brighton Survey District, South-West Nelson.
By H. W. Wellman 211236
Origin of Piedmontite-bearing Quartz-Muscovite-Schists of North-West Otago.
By Francis J. Turner 246249
Standard Sections and Subdivisions of the Castlecliffian and Nukumaruan Stages in the New Zealand Pliocene.
By C. A. Fleming 300326
Maitai-Hokonui Unconformity.
By H. W. Wellman and R. W. Willett 353357
Contributions to the Mineralogy of New Zealand. Part 2.
By C. Osborne Hutton 358361
Petrofabric Analyses of Two Quartz-mica-piedmontite Schists from North-West Otago.
By J. B. Mackie 362368
The Alpine Fault of the South Island of New Zealand from the Air.
By C. A. Cotton 369372
Contributions to the Mineralogy of New Zealand. Part 3.
By C. Osborne Hutton 481491
Westport Harbour.
By F. W. Furkert 373402
Notes on Some Neognathous Bird Bone from the Early Tertiary of New Zealand.
By B. J. Marples 132134
The Microfaunas of the Oxford Chalk and Eyre River Beds.
By H. J. Finlay 237245
A New Diatom from the Oamaru Diatomite.
By Frederick S. C. Reed 294
The Foraminiferal Evidence for Tertiary Trans-Tasman Correlation.
By H. J. Finlay 327352
Tertiary Mollusca from Hokianga District, North Auckland.
By C. R. Laws 537541
Ascidians in the Vicinity of the Portobello Marine Biological Station, Otago Harbour.
By Beryl I. Brewin 87131
The Classification and Reproductive Organs of New Zealand Land Planarians—II.
By Marion L. Fyfe 135138
Lepidoptera Collecting at the Homer, with Descriptions of New Species.
By W. George Howes 139147
Observations on Anopheles punctulatus Donitz, 1901, and Anopheles farauti Laveran, 1902, at Palmalmal and Manginuna, New Britain, during July and August, 1945.
By M. Laird 148157
A Ceratopogonine Midge (Culicoides anophelis Edwards, 1922) sucking engorged Blood from a Mosquito (Armigeres lacuum Edwards, 1922) at Palmalmal, New Britain.
By M. Laird 158161
Tyroglyphid Mites in Stored Products in New Zealand.
By Phyllis L. Robertson 185207
On a New Genus and Species of Bat-fleas from the Pelorus Islands and New Zealand.
By H. E. Karl Jordan 208210
Additions to the Rotatoria of New Zealand. Part 1.
By C. R. Russell 403408
Trombidiidae (Acarina) from the Solomon Islands and New Zealand.
By L. J. Dumbleton 409413
The Hydroid and Medusa of Cnidonema vallentini (Anthomedusae) from Wellington, New Zealand.
By Patricia M. Ralph 414420
Ophiomyxa duskiensis, a New Ophiuroid from the Southern Fiords.
By H. Barraclough Fell 421422
Studies in Earthworms, XLII.
By Sir William Benham, K.B.E., F.R.S. 423428
The Gannet on Cape Kidnappers.
By K. A. Wodzicki and C. P. McMeekan 429452
Some Natural Enemies of Mosquitoes in the Vicinity of Palmalmal, New Britain.
By M. Laird, M.Sc. 453476
On the Circulatory System of Leiopelma hochstetteri With Particular Reference to the Posterior Cardinal Veins and to the Blood-Vessels of the Kidneys.
By Elsie M. and N. G. Stephenson 492503
The Migration of the New Zealand Bronze Cuckoo, Chalcites lucidus lucidus (Gmelin).
By H. Barraclough Fell 504515
Divided Winter Band in Brown Trout Scales from the Rakaia River.
By M. H. Godby 516
The Classification and Reproductive Organs of New Zealand Land Planarians. Part III.
By Marion L. Fyfe 517523
The Embryology of Temnocephala novae-zealandiae Haswell.
By Roy A. Harrison 524536
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