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Volume 76, 1946-47
– xxxiii –

Otago Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Annual Report for Session, 1945.

President: Professor B. J. Marples.

Hon. Secretary: Dr. H. D. Skinner.

Membership: The number of full members was 158, as compared with 153 in 1944; 20 new members were elected, but 15 were lost, comprising 4 deaths, 6 resignations, 3 transfers, and 2 struck off the roll. It is the intention of the Council to carry out a membership campaign in the 1946 session.

Deaths: The Council records with regret the deaths of the following members: Dr. J. E. Holloway, F.R.S., W. J. Morrell, James Black, and R. T. Stewart. Dr. Holloway had, by his intellectual power and unflagging industry, brought

– xxxiv –

honour to himself and to his country. Added to intellectual brilliance was a soundness of judgment and a friendliness and courtesy which endeared him to all who met him. A biographical notice will be published in the Transactions of the Royal Society. W. J. Morrell, for many years headmaster of Otago Boys' High School and later Chancellor of the University of Otago, was at one time a regular attender at our meetings and an occasional contributor to discussions. For one session he was a Vice-President of the Society.

Attendances at Main Branch Meetings: These were 50, 30, 36, 100, 100, 40, and 70, giving an average of upwards of 70, probably a record in the history of the Society.

Attendances at Junior Branch Meetings: These have averaged 120, a highly satisfactory figure.

Representatives on Museum Committee: Messrs. Dayus and George Simpson continued to represent this Society.

Representatives on Council of Royal Society: Drs. C. M. Focken and F. J. Turner continued to represent us with efficiency and vigour.

Fellowship of the Royal Society of New Zealand: A Committee set up to report on the rules governing election to fellowship submitted a report which was adopted by our Council, and was circulated among other Member Bodies. It was discussed by the Council of the Royal Society and was referred back to Member Bodies.

T. K. Sidey Summer-Time Fund Declaration of Trust and Rules: A Committee drew up a report on this matter which was adopted by our Council and was circulated among other Member Bodies. The matter was raised by our representatives on the Council of the Royal Society and received general approval. Legal advice has since shown the need of modification of the trust deed.

W. J. Mellor Tablet: The Society took the initiative in erecting a tablet in the Chemistry Department of the University commemorating the work of William Joseph Mellor, D.Sc., F.R.S., Graduate of Otago, the greatest ceramic chemist of his time.

Honours: The Society extends its congratulations to Dr. W. N. Benson, F.R.S., on his election to the Presidency of the Royal Society of New Zealand, and also on the award to him of the Clarke Medal of the Royal Society of New South Wales. It extends congratulations also to Dr. J. C. Eccles, F.R.S., on receiving an invitation from the New York Academy of Sciences to contribute an address to the Symposium on Nerve Physiology, to be held at New York in February, 1946.

Loder Cup: The Society supported the candidacy of Mr. Norman Potts, to whom the cup was awarded.

Conversazione: The annual conversazione in conjunction with the Association of Friends of the Museum was held at the Museum on the evening of October 24. About 200 were present. There was an exhibition of drawings and paintings by George O'Brien and Lily Atty Daff, and a film was shown of life and scenery in the Auckland Islands.

New Sections: The Council welcomes the formation during the session of a Psychology Section and a Scientific Method Section.

Astronomical Section: 1. Membership: 60 full members and 13 associates. 2. Alex. Crust: We regret to record the death of Alex. Crust, M.Sc., who was an early member of the Section. He was a keen and successful astronomer, and did much to popularise its study in New Zealand. 3. Active Service: We look forward to the return of members with the forces, particularly our former Secretary and Observer-Director, enthusiast in the work and tower of strength to the Section. 4. Activities: Public demonstrations at the Observatory were continuous and attendances eclipsed previous records. Approximately 500 people visited the Observatory during the year. All current phenomena were observed and carefully recorded.

Microscopical Section: The only activity was a demonstration to about 150 members of the Junior Branch. A lecture illustrated by film was delivered by Miss Marion Fyfe, and there was an extensive microscope demonstration.

– xxxv –

Junior Branch Meetings: Attendance has averaged 120. Organiser, Dr. Basil Howard. June 1: Miss A. Blackie, M.Sc., “Energy: It Works.” June 15: An officer of R.N.Z.A.F. Station, Taieri: “Metcorology: A Modern Science.” June 29: Mr. C. Hassall, M.Sc.: “Dyes and Dyeing” (in Chemistry Lecture Room). July 13: Dr. W. N. Benson, F.R.S.: “The Building of New Zealand” (with geological exhibits). July 27: Microscope Section, Royal Society: Microscope Demonstration (Medical School). August 10: Mr. G. Batham, B.Sc.: “Hydro-electric Power.”

Main Branch Meetings: April 10: Presidential Address, “Some Examples of Applied Science in Agriculture.” May 8: Captain A. M. Quennell: “Sound Ranging by New Zealand Engineers.” June 12: Dr. C. M. Focken: “A New World Calendar.” July 10: Dr. C. E. Hercus, H. D. Purves, M.Sc., T. H. Kennedy, M.Sc., “Recent Advances in Thyroid Gland Research” (joint meeting with New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, Otago Branch). August 14: Dr. E. Marsden. Wellington, “Scientific Organisation in the Post-War Period.” September 11: Beryl Brewin, M.Sc., “Floating Life in the Sea.” October 9: Joint meeting with Naturalists' Field Club, Dr. W. R. B. Oliver, “The History of the New Zealand Flora.” November 13: Annual General Meeting, presentation of report and balance sheet, election of officers, exhibits from Museum collections.

Original Papers: E. J. Batham, M.Sc., “Description of Female, Male, and Larval of a Tiny Stalked Barnacle, Ibla idiotica n.sp.” Margaret K. Finlayson, M.Sc., “Some Aspects of the Life-history of the Liverwort, Symphyona hymeno-phyllum (Hook.).” George Howes: “Lepidoptera Collecting at the Homer, with Descriptions of New Species.” B. J. Marples, “Notes of Some Neognathous Bird Bone from the Early Tertiary of New Zealand.” William Martin, (1) “The Moss Flora of the Arthur Pass National Park”; (2) “Geographical Range and Internal Distribution of the Mosses Indigenous to New Zealand.” W. N. Benson, F.R.S., (1) “The Quartz Porphyry of Shag Valley.” (2) “Notes on the Suspended Load of the Waimakariri River.”