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Volume 76, 1946-47
– xxxvi –

Nelson Philosophical Society.

Annual Report, 1945.

President: Dr. D. Miller. Hon. Secretary: Mr. R. K. Logan.

There have been six monthly meetings during the year:—April 16: Presidential Address by Dr. Miller, “Episodes in the History of N.Z. Entomology.” May 21: “Maori Days,” by Mr. W. J. Phillipps. June 10: “Behind the Light Switch,” by Mr. E. B. Mackenzie. July 6: “Education for Citizenship,” by Miss J. Stewart. August 20: “Life and the Artist,” by Mr. W. H. Allen. September 25: “Purity in Music and the Philosophy of Modernism,” by Mr. J. T. Kirk-Burnnand.

The attendances have fluctuated between 25 and 45. The membership is 55—the same as last year—of which 40 are full members and 15 associate members.

A paper by Mr. B. B. Given, “Trachinid Parasites attacking Melolonthid Larvae in New Zealand,” was read by title and sent to the Royal Society of New Zealand for publication.

In order to put the finances of the Society in a better position, the Committee recommends that consideration be given to the raising of the subscriptions to 10s for a full member and 7s 6d for an associate member.