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Volume 76, 1946-47
– xxxvi –

Southland Branch, Royal Society of New Zealand.

Annual Report, 31/3/46.

President: Miss C. McHaffie. Secretary: Mr. A. D. Nisbet.

Membership: The membership for the year showed neither an increase nor a decrease. Four new members were admitted, while two resigned, one was transferred, and one was lost by death.

To the relatives of the late Mr. W. J. A. McGregor we extend our sympathy.

The membership of the Branch now stands at 40, but with three new members seeking admission it is hoped that the year's working will show that these three are but the forerunners of many who desire to become members of the Branch.

Financial: The conduct of the Society shows in the Expenses and Receipts a loss of £1 13s for the year, and while this cannot be regarded as satisfactory at the same time it is not as serious as would at first seem, because the assets of the Branch have increased from a value of £121 4s 7d to a value of £147 2s 2d. A bad feature of the Balance Sheet is the fact that there is so much money shown as outstanding subscriptions—£24 3s. Of this sum, it is considered that an amount, £5 5s, is not collectable. This leaves a balance of £18 18s outstanding. It cannot be too strongly impressed on the members that subscriptions should be paid promptly in order that the Branch may continue to function well and efficiently.

Lectures: During the year the following lectures were given to well-attended meetings. Our thanks are due to those who so ably prepared and delivered these addresses. The lectures given were as follows:—April 26: Presidential Address by Miss C. McHaffie, “Atoms and Stars.” May 24: Dr. R. I. Gardiner, “Plastics.” June 28: Mr. J. F. Field, “Planting and Maintaining Exotic Forests.” July 26: Dr. G. H. Uttley, “Evolution.” September 26: Miss B. Brewin, “Floating Life on the Sea.” October 24: Mr. C. L. Carter, “Micro Chemistry—Its Applications and Achievements.”

General: The November meeting took the form of a social evening and farewell to Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Uttley. Dr. Uttley was one of the foundation members of the Branch and was also its first President. Since retiring from the office of President, he has been a member of the Council, and his advice and help will be much missed by the Branch. Many tributes were paid to Dr. Uttley by those present. Later Dr. Uttley replied, following which all present enjoyed supper and an hour spent socially. To Dr. and Mrs. Uttley we wish long life and a happy retirement.

Conclusion: Retiring officers wish to thank all who supported them during their term of office and to express the hope that the same support will be accorded the new officers. Since last report was read, hostilities have ceased, and we can look forward to the coming session of our Society with every confidence that the year will be a successful one.