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Volume 76, 1946-47
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A New Diatom from the Oamaru Diatomite.

[Read before the Canterbury Branch, October 2, 1946; received by the Editor, September 17, 1946.]

Triceratium forresterii n.sp.

Valve view triangular, margin being slightly convex with apiculate apices. Each of the apices has an oval area marked with minute closely set beading. Beaded lines radiate from a web-like centre towards apices, and eleven, equally spaced, terminate on each side of valve. Where lines converge near centre small triangular nodules are set in each junction, numbering thirteen in all. From the margin the valve turns downwards to form a deep curved flange that joins the girdle of the frustule.

Diameter: 19 mm.

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Triceratium forresterii n.sp., Reed × 350.
L. D. Coombs photo.