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Volume 77, 1948-49


The Catalase Activity of Mycobacteria.
By Margaret K. Finlayson and N. L. Edson 284288
The Structure and Life History of Hormosira banksii (Turner) Decaisne.
By Joy E. M. Osborn 4771
Contributions to a Knowledge of the Naturalized Flora of New Zealand. No. 2.
By A. J. Healy 172185
A Natural Hybrid between Loranthus micranthus and Tupeia antarctica.
By W. A. Thomson 208
A Revised and Annotated List of New Zealand Filicinae.
By Marguerite W. Crookes, M.A. 209225
Aporostylis R. and Hh., Townsonia Cheesmn., and the New Zealand Forms of Chiloglottis R. Br.
By Edwin. D. Hatch 226229
Lyperanthus antarcticus Hook. f. and the New Zealand Forms of Gastrodia R. Br.
By Edwin D. Hatch 230233
The New Zealand Forms of Pterostylis R. Br.
By Edwin D. Hatch 234246
The New Zealand Forms of Calochilus R. Br.
By Edwin D. Hatch 247249
Fruit Characters of Pittosporum dallii Cheesemn.
By L. B. Moore and N. M. Adams 250252
Descriptions of New Species of New Zealand Hepatics III.
By Th. Herzog 253256
The Bryophytes of Stewart Island.—Part I.
By William Martin 257277
Description of a New Species with Notes and Localities for Some Otago and Southland Mosses.
By K. W. Allison 278283
Distribution of the Mosses Indigenous to New Zealand (Supp. No. 1).
By William Martin 355360
New Zealand Hepaticae (Liverworts). VI. A Review of the New Zealand Species of the Genus Frullania.
By E. Amy Hodgson 361389
Additions to the Marine Algae of New Zealand.
By Victor W. Lindauer 390393
Six New Marine Algae from New Zealand.
By Tore Levring 394397
Petalochilus Rog. and the New Zealand Forms of Caladenia R. Br.
By Edwin D. Hatch 398402
The Constitution of Cobalt Chloride in Aqueous Solution.
By R. A. Robinson and J. B. Brown 19
Preparation of Alkyl Iso-ureas.
By P. A. Ongley 1012
The Rate of Decomposition of N-Chloracetanilide by Hydrochloric Acid in Dioxan-Water Mixtures.
By R. A. Robinson, H. S. Ayling, and G. H. Barker 1318
The Constitution of Cupric Chloride in Aqueous Solution.
By J. B. Brown 1923
The Adsorption of Water Vapour on Collagen and Elastin.
By R. W. Green 2446
The Adsorption of Water Vapour on Casein.
By R. W. Green 313317
The Fatty Acid Composition of Hemideina thoracica White.
By A. P. Oliver 321324
Some Post-Glacial Climatic Changes in Canterbury and Their Effect on Soil Formation.
By J. D. Raeside 153171
The Geology of the Wairaki Survey District, Southland.
By M. V. Rout and R. W. Willett 291305
Pillow Lava at Red Rock Point, Wellington.
By H. W. Wellman 306312
Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Geosynclines in Westland, New Zealand.
By Maxwell Gage 325337
The Conditions of Deposition of Grey mouth Coal.
By Maxwell Gage 338345
The Geology of Mandamus-Pahau District, North Canterbury.
By Brian Mason 403428
The Geology of the Tuakau-Mercer Area, Auckland.
By M. H. Battey 429455
Notes on the Geology of Kapiti Island, Cook Strait, New Zealand.
By C. A. Fleming and C. O. Hutton 456168
Further Tertiary Mollusea from Hokianga District, North Auckland.
By C. R. Laws 142150
A New Fossil Cirrepede from New Zealand Miocene Beds.
By C. R. Laws 151152
A Logic of Social Science Thought.
By E. G. Jacoby 187207
New Species and Genera of Marine Mollusea from the Southland Fiords.
By C. A. Fleming 7292
Reactions of Mosquitoes to the Aircraft Environment.
By M. Laird 93114
Ascidians of the Hauraki Gulf. Part 1.
By Beryl I. Brewin 115138
A New Genus and Species of the Family Acropsopiliomadae (Opiliones) from New Zealand.
By R. R. Forster 139141
Notes on Some New Zealand Fishes.
By W. J. Phillipps 289290
A Yard-long Earthworm, Notoscolex hakeaphilus.
By W. B. Benham 346350
Additions to the Rotatoria of New Zealand. Part 2.
By C. R. Russell 351354
A New Family of Living Ostracoda with Striking Resemblances to Some Palaeozoic Beyrichiidae.
By N. de B. Hornibrook 469471
The Systematic Arrangement of the New Zealand Galaxiidae. Part II. Specific Classification.
By G. Stokell 472496
Auto-eviseeration and the Regeneration of Viscera in the Holothuan Stichopus mollis Hutton.
By W. H. Dawbin 497523
Regeneration of the Alimentary Canal of Stichopus mollis (Hutton) across a Mesenteric Adhesion.
By W. H. Dawbin 524529
Diplocystis oxycam n.sp.—A Gregarine Parasite of Oxycanus cervinatus Walk.
By L. J. Dumbleton 530532
The Carabidae (Colcoptera) of New Zealand. Part III. A Revision of the Tribe Broscini.
By Everard B. Britton 533581
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Appendix 384593
Index to Volume 77 594
Harry Borrer Kirk (1859–1948) 318320
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