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Volume 78, 1950

Royal Society of New Zealand

Notice to Members.

The publications of the Royal Society of New Zealand consist of—


Transactions, a yearly volume of scientific papers read before the local Member-bodies. This volume is of royal-octavo size.


Proceedings, containing report of the annual meeting of the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand, list of members, etc. The Proceedings are incorporated with the quarterly numbers of Transactions supplied to members.


Bulletins. Under this title papers are issued from time to time which for some reason it is not possible to include in the yearly volume of Transactions. The bulletins are of the same size and style as the Transactions, but appear at irregular intervals, and each bulletin is complete in itself and separately paged. The bulletins are not issued free to members, but may be obtained by them at a reduction on the published price.

Library Privileges of Members.—Upon application by any member to the Librarian of the Royal Society of New Zealand or of any of the member-bodies, such works as he desires to consult which are in those libraries will be forwarded to him, subject to the rules under which they are issued by the Society or member-body. The borrower will be required to pay for the carriage of the books. For a list of the serial publications received by the Library of the Royal Society of New Zealand, see vol. 64, pp. 455–465.

Addresses of Members.—Members are requested to notify the Secretary of any change of address, so that the same may be noted in the List of Members.

Rules Relating to Publications

Section H of the Rules of the Royal Society of New Zealand—Relating to Publications, etc., reads:

“All papers read whether fully or by title only before any member body of the Society shall be deemed to be communications to the Society and may subsequently be published as Proceedings or Transactions of the Society subject to the following rules of the Society regarding publications:


The publications of the Society shall consist of—(i) Such current abstract of the proceedings of the member bodies of the Society as the Council deems desirable; (ii) And of transactions comprising papers read before member bodies or any general meeting of the Royal Society of New Zealand (subject however to selection as hereinafter mentioned) and of such other matter as the Council shall from time to time for special reasons in each case determine to publish, to be intituled ‘Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand.’


The Council shall determine what papers are to be published.


Papers not recommended for publication may be returned to their authors if so desired.


All papers sent in for publication must be legibly written, typewritten, or printed.


A proportional contribution may be required from each member body towards the cost of publishing Proceedings and Transactions of the Society.


Each member body shall be entitled to receive a proportional number of copies of the Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand, to be from time to time fixed by the Council.”

In order to achieve uniformity, the procedure for publication is as follows:

(1) Papers for publication should be submitted to the Secretary of the Member Body in Their final form and ready for transmission to the Editor.

(2) The Council of the Member Body shall decide whether the substance of the paper be read before the Member Body or whether it be read by title only, either before the Member Body or its Council.

(3) Branches may undertake certain responsibility in the quality of the papers accepted.

(4) Papers by non-members must be presented for publication by members.

(5) Papers should be forwarded to the Editor only by Member Body secretaries and not by section secretaries or by individual authors.

(6) The date of reading to the Society should be endorsed on the paper before forwarding.

(7) When a Member Body or its sections have a considerable lapse of time without meetings, steps should be taken by the Council of the Member Body concerned to expedite the transmission of any paper to the Editor in accordance with (2) above.

(8) A paper should not be accepted for reading by title unless it is ready for forwarding to the Editor.

(9) The phrase of Rules, Section H, (a), (ii), “such other matter as the Council shall from time to time for special reasons in each case determine to publish,” will be interpreted fairly strictly.