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Volume 78, 1950


Volume 78, Parts 2 AND 3

Zoology Pages Pages
New Zealand Flycatchers of the Genus Petroica Swainson (Aves). Part II
By C. A. Fleming 127160
Additions to the Rotatoria of New Zealand. Part III
By C. R. Russell 161166
The Family Peloridiidae (Hemiptera) and Its Occurrence in New Zealand
By Myra W. Carter 167170
Auckland Island Coleoptera
By E. S. Gourley 171202
Notes on Staphylinidae. Chiefly from New Zealand. Part I
By W. O. Steel 202212
Notes on Staphylinidae, Chiefly from New Zealand. Part II
By W. O. Steel 213235
Studies on the Freshwater Ciliates of New Zealand. Part I
By Brian M. Bary 301310
Studies on the Freshwater Ciliates of New Zealand. Part II
By Brian M. Bary 311323
On Cryptochaeta, a New Genus of Earthworms; and a Nomenclatural Muddle Solved
By W. B. Benham 324328
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part IV—Ascidians in the Vicinity of Christchurch
By Beryl I. Brewin 344353
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part V—Ascidians from the East Coast of Great Barrier Island
By Beryl. I. Brewin 354362
The Molluscan Fauna of the Pahi Greensands, North Auckland
By G. A. Fleming 236250
New Zealand Recent Thyasiridae (Mollusca)
By C. A. Fleming 251254
A Post-Tertiary Micro-fauna in a Concretion Containing Cancer novaezealandiae
By W. N. Benson and H. J. Finlay 209270
The Geology of the Mokohinau Islands, North Auckland
By C. A. Fleming 255268
An Intrusion of Porphyrite near Waihao Forks, South Canterbury
By A. C. Amies 271279
Two New Zealand Rivers Following Tertiary Transverse Furrows
By A. R. Lillie 329341
Antlerite, from Taktimu Mountains, New Zealand
By C. Osborne Hutton and J. D. McCraw 342343
Some Aspects of the Life History of the Liverwort Symphyogyna hymenophyllum (Hook.) M. et N.
By Margaret K. Finlayson 280290
Studies of New Zealand Nothofagus. 1. Taxonomy and Floral Morphology
By A. L. Poole 363380
The Reaction of Hydrogen Chloride with Dry Proteins. Part I— Collagen
By R. W. Green 291300
Thomas Hill Easterfield (1866–1949) 381384