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Volume 79, 1951


Botany Pages
The Hypocreales of New Zealand. I
    By Joan M. Dingley 5561
Flora and Vegetation of the Caswell and George Sounds District
    By A. L. Poole 6283
Notes on New Zealand Algae
    By V. J. Chapman 8486
A Note Upon a New Zealand Species of Pylaiella
    By V. J. Chapman and Margaret P. Ambler 114118
The Hypocreales of New Zealand. II. The Genus Nectria
    By Joan M. Dingley 177202
The Taxonomy of the Moss Archephemeropsis trentepohlioides Renn.
    By G. O. K. Sainsbury 203205
Vegetative Anatomy of Carpodetus serratus Forst.
    By P. J. Brook 276285
The Hypocreales of New Zealand. III. The Genus Hypocrea
    By Joan M. Dingley 323337
A New Species of Corybas Salisbury, and a Note on Some Name Changes in Wahlenbergia Schrader
    By Edwin D. Hatch 366369
The New Zealand Forms of Thelymitra J. R. and G. Forster and Appendices. Part I
    By Edwin D. Hatch 386402
The Hypocreales of New Zealand. IV. The Genera Calonectria, Gibberella, and Thyronectria
    By Joan M. Dingley 403411
Notes on some N.Z. Plants and Descriptions of New Species (No. 5)
    By G. Simpson 419435
The Moss Flora of the Dunedin Botanical Sub-district
    By William Martin 436451
The Life History of Tupeia Cham. et Schl. (Loranthacene)
    By Cynthia Smart 459466
The Reaction of Hydrogen Chloride with Dry Proteins
  Part II. Collagen, Silk Fibroin, Elastin
    By R. W. Green 485493
The Reaction of Hydrogen Chloride with Dry Proteins
  Part III. The Absorption of Water Vapour on Hydrochlorides of Collagen and of Silk Fibroin
    By R. W. Green 494504
Thornthwaite's New System of Climate Classification In Its Application to New Zealand
    By B. J. Garnier 87103
Seasonal Changes in Micro-plankton in the Otago Harbour during the Years 1944 and 1945
    By Beryl I. Brewin 614627
Hornblende Andesite Rocks from Solander Island
    By J. J. Reed 110125
Geology of the Paekakariki Area of the Coastal Lowland of Western Wellington
    By G. L. Adkin 157176
Notes on the Geological Structure of New Zealand
    By A. R. Lillie 218259
The Syenite and Associated Rocks of the Mandamus-Pahau Area, North Canterbury, New Zealand
    By B. Mason 260275
The Geology of Whangarei Heads, Northland
    By L. R. Allen 294318
Petrological Features of the Rocks of the Maruwenua District, N. Otago
    By the late A. C. Amies, M.Sc., F.G.S. 376385
The Geology of the Eastern Hokonui Hills, Southland, N.Z.
    By W. A. Watters 467484
The Spore and Pollen Flora of the Cocos-bearing Beds, Mangonui, North Auckland
    By R. A. Couper 340348
Permian Fusulinid Foraminifera from the North Auckland Penisula, New Zealand
    By N. de B. Hornibrook 319321
Early Triassic Ammonoids from Beaumont Station, Wairaki Survey District
    By R. A. S. Browne 528534
The Structure and Adaptations of the New Zealand Vermetidae
  Part 1. The Genus Serpulorbis 119
  Part 2. The Genera Stephopoma and Pyxipoma 2042
  Part 3. Novastoa lamellosa and Its Affinities 4351
    By J. E. Morton
An Index of the Rotifers in the C. B. Morris Collection of Microscope Slides at the Cawthron Institute, Nelson
    By C. R. Russell 5254
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part 6. Ascidians of the Hauraki Gulf. Part 2
    By Beryl I. Brewin 104113
Some Australasian Mollusea in the British Museum (Natural History)
    By C. A. Fleming 126139
Remarks on the Blood-vascular System of the Frog Leiopelma hockstetteri Fitzinger
    By Henryk Szarski 140147
The Occurrence of Acantholybas brunneus Breddin in New Zealand
    By T. E. Woodward 206209
A New Species of Gall Midge (Cecidomyidae) from IIcbe salicifolia Forst. Leaf Galls
    By K. P. Lamb 210212
The American Lake Char (Cristivomer namaycush)
    By G. Stokell 213217
New Zealand Ichneumonidae
    By A. W. Parrott 286293
A Peculiar Wing Structure of Hydrellia tritici Coq. (Diptera: Ephydridae)
    By Roy A. Harrison 338339
New Plant Galls: 1—Mite and Insect Galls
    By K. P. Lamb 349362
A New Species of Phthirocoris from New Zealand (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Family Henicocephalidae)
    By E. S. Gourlay 363365
A Preliminary List of New Zealand Acarina
    By K. P. Lamb 370375
New Marine Mollusca from the Cook Strait Area and Southern N.Z.
    By R. K. Dell 412418
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part VII. Ascidians from Otago Coastal Waters. Part II
    By Beryl I. Brewin 452458
New Zealand Drosophilidae (Diptera). I. Introduction and Descriptions of Domestic Species of the Genus Drosophila Fallén
    By Roy A. Harrison 505517
The Life History of Calicophoron ijimai (stomach fluke of cattle) in New Zealand
    By Shirley R. Jonathan 518524
A New Species of Erythroneura (Typhlocybinae, Hem.-Hom.) from Arundo conspicua Forst. (Toetoe)
    By R. A. Cumber 525527
Studies on the Earthworm Fauna of New Zealand—I
    By K. E. Lee 535553
Studies on the Earthworm Fauna of New Zealand—II
    By K. E. Lee 556573
The Early Post-larval Stages and Systematic Position of Eurynolambrus australis M. E. and L. (Brachyura)
    By Shirley Krefft 574578
An Example of Hernia in Hyla aurca, and Its Interpretation
    By L. R. Richardson 579582
Protozoological Studies at Macquarie Island
    By Marshall Laird 583588
New Haemogregarines from New Zealand Marine Fishes
    By Marshall Laird 589600
The Vertebral Column and Appendicular Skeleton of Leiopelma hochstetteri Fitzinger
    By Elsie M. Stephenson 601613
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