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Volume 79, 1951
– xviii –

Hon. Librarian's Report

Report of Honorary Librarian

The addition of thirteen exchanges in the past year brings the total of exchanges to approximately six hundred.

Several feet of additional shelving have been added, and the file to hold current numbers of the journals has been increased by another 168 compartments. These changes have facilitated library work and relieved the congestion temporarily.

An assistant was employed for a short period to catalogue the G. V. Hudson bequest and during the course of the year Russian periodicals in our stacks were catalogued by a student from the National Library School for the Harris catalogue.

Loans, inter-library and personal, totalled 660, of which 149 were postal.

The original loan book, commencing in 1888, is now nearly filled. Since it contains many signatures of New Zealand scientists, it will be preserved.

L. R. Richardson

, Hon. Librarian.

On the motion of Dr. Oliver, the Report of the Hon. Librarian, Professor L. R. Richardson, was adopted.