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Volume 79, 1951
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Reports of Member Bodies
Wellington Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Annual Report for the Year ended 30th September, 1948

Membership. The membership of the Branch now stands at 360, made up of 286 full members and 74 associates.

General Meetings. October 22, 1947, Annual General Meeting, followed by screening of scientific films; April 28, 1948, Presidential Address, “How a Geologist Learns,” by Mr. M. Ongley; June 23, 1948, “Peace-time Applications of War-time Nuclear Developments,” by Mr. C. N. M. Watson-Munro; July 28, 1948, “Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation,” by Mr. W. L. Newnham; August 25, 1948. “Contemporary Social Change in the Cook Islands,” by Prof. E. Beaglehole; September 22, 1948, “The Hot Springs of New Zealand,” by Mr. J. Healy.

Presidential Address to the Royal Society of New Zealand, “Scientists and Conservation,” by Dr. R. A. Falla. This annual address, previously given each year before the Annual Meeting of the Royal Society of New Zealand, was this year given for the first time before a general meeting of the Branch.

Combined Meeting with the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Institution of Engineers, April 1, 1948, “Some War Incidents of an Industrial Research Laboratory,” by Sir Clifford Paterson, O.B.E., F.R.S., D.Sc., Past President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Astronomy Section. “The Solar Atmosphere,” by Dr. R. C. Allen; “The Interior of the Earth,” by Mr. W. M. Jones; “Astronomical Applications of Photo-electric Cells,” by Mr. K. D. Adams; “Auroral Work of the Carter Observatory,” by Mr. I. L. Thomsen.

Biology Section. “The Marine Provinces of New Zealand,” by Miss L. B. Moore; “Submarine Daylight and Photosynthesis of Marine Algae,” by Dr. Tore Levring; “Lakes,” by Mr. K. R. Allen; “Subantarctic Seals,” by Mr. J. H. Sorensen; “Evolution of Evolution,” by Prof. H. D. Gordon; “Illustration in Biological Research, with Special Reference to Photography,” by Dr. J. T. Salmon.

Geology Section. “Pacific Strandlines,” “Volcanic Eustatism, ‘Tectonic’ or ‘Structural’?”, “Shutter Ridges on the Line of the Wellington Fault,” and “Note on a New Californian Theory of Tectonic Earthquakes,” by Prof. C. A. Cotton; Symposium, “Exhibits and Reviews of Recent Interesting Papers,” “Applications of Geophysics to New Zealand Conditions,” by Mr. N. Modriniak and Dr. E. I. Robertson; “Miscellaneous Notes on Structure,” by Dr. A. R. Lillie.

Physics Section. “The Atomic Pile,” by Mr. C. N. M. Watson-Munro; “The Canterbury Project,” by Mr. R. Unwin; “Some Recent Developments in Geophysical Methods,” by Dr. E. I. Robertson; “Detection of Nuclear Particles by the Photographic Emulsion Method and its Application to Cosmic Rays,” by Mr. F. D. Manchester; “Radio Echoes from Meteorites,” by Mr. C. J. Banwell.

Social Science Section. “The Newspaper as a Social Service,” by Miss M. Godfrey; “A. N. Whitehead on Historical Foresight,” by Dr. E. G. Jacoby; “Some Superstitions—Their Development and Meaning,” by Mrs. I. Macaskill; “Child Guidance in New Zealand,” by Mr. J. G. Caughley; “Social Aspects of Medical Treatment,” by Dr. Charles Burns; “Employment Research in New Zealand,” by Mr. N. S. Woods.

Technology Section. “Lubrication,” by Mr. J. Stewart; “Possible Power Sources (Neither Atomic nor Fuel),” by Mr. R. McLennan; “The Design of Hydro-electric Power Stations: Civil Engineering and Scientific Implications,” by Mr. W. A. Bloodworth, B.E.; “Industrial Application of Rubber Latex,” by Mr. E. Freyberger; “The Place of Ceramics in Modern Life,” by Mr. W. Vose; “Light and Sight,” by Mr. S. C. MacDiarmid; “Contemporary Engineering in Sweden,” by Mr. C. E. Taylor.

Science Exhibition. This exhibition, which was held in the Wellington Town Hall from the 12th to the 14th April, was an outstanding success. Approximately 6,300 persons paid for admission, and in addition the exhibition was attended by about 3,000 school children in organized parties from the Wellington schools. A private view attended by His Excellency the Governor-General was held at 5 p.m. on Monday, the 12th April.

The Hudson Lecture. The Council has decided to establish an annual memorial lecture, to be known as the Hudson Lecture, which will be given in August each

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year by an outstanding New Zealand scientist. Although commemorating the late Mr. G. V. Hudson and his contributions to New Zealand science, the lecture is in no way limited in subject matter or scope and the Council hopes that it will become a scientific event of outstanding importance each year. An honorarium of ten guineas will be paid to the lecturer.

Representation on the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Professor L. R. Richardson and Dr. J. T. Salmon have represented the Branch.

Papers for Publication. “Notes on Synonymy among New Zealand Insects” and “A New Species of Acridiidae,” by Dr. J. T. Salmon.

Waipoua Forest. The Royal Society's Sub-committee Report on Waipoua Forest was referred to the member societies for comment. It has been discussed and reported on by the Committee of the Biology Section, and is under consideration by the Council.

Meeting Rooms. The fifty theatre seats ordered last year were installed in the Branch's room at the Dominion Museum in time for the 1948 session and have proved a valuable addition to our amenities.

Observatory. The Observatory is in a good state of repair and the instruments have been in constant use throughout the year.

Library. The Library Committee met early this year and advised the purchase of a number of new books which were agreed to by the Council. Periodicals are still slow in coming to hand and many are well behind in publication. Subscriptions have been started to the two new journals, Research and Human Relations. It has been decided to discontinue the subscription to Science News Letters when the current subscription runs out.

Publicity. A considerably improved coverage of the Branch's activities has been given by the local Press during the past year, and for this the Council would like to express its sincere thanks. An offer from the Council of the N.Z.A.S.W. to publish reports of lectures given before meetings of the Society in the New Zealand Science Review has been accepted and some reports have already appeared in the Review.

J. F. Filmer
H. C. McQueen


J. T. Salmon

, Secretary.