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Volume 79, 1951
– xxxiii –

Hawke's Bay Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Annual Report for the Year ended 31st December, 1948

Annual General Meeting. The annual general meeting of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Hawke's Bay Branch, was held in the Art Gallery, Napier, on March 29. The President, Dr. C. D. Costello, was in the chair. The speaker for the evening was Miss A. Woodhouse, who worked for many years in the Turnbull Library. She took as the subject for her address the early books on New Zealand, examples of these, from the Russell Duncan and McLean collections, being on view in the Museum.

Council Meetings. Early in the year it was decided to alternate meetings of Council in the two districts and to do the same with general meetings. As the membership is fairly evenly divided between Napier and Hastings, this will minimise the expense and inconvenience of travelling.

Membership. Present total, 126.

General Meetings. The annual meeting and three quarterly meetings were held in March, June and August and October respectively. Papers were read as follows: Dr. A. G. Clark, “Do Continents Move?”; Dr. R. A. Falla, “Subantarctic Sanctuaries”; Mr. Ewing, “The Weather”; and Mr. Aitken, “Interplanetary Travel.”

Broadcasts. Five broadcast talks were given from Station 2YZ: Mr. J. D. H. Buchanan, “Work of the Royal Society”; Rev. F. H. Robertson, “Gannets at Cape Kidnappers”; Mr. E. Phillips, “H.B. History”; Canon S. F. N. Waymouth, “Comets and Meteors”; Mr. H. A. McLean, “Water Supplies in Hawke's Bay.”

Science Exhibition. This exhibition, held in both Napier and Hastings, was a major effort and a gratifying success. It has been fully reported to members in the Bulletin. Well over 11,000 people attended in the two towns. Of the profit received, £50 was granted to the Hawke's Bay Art Society, which has applied it to the work of its Historical Department; £10 to the Hastings Museum Committee and certain books were purchased for the Library; the balance has been put to “Special Reserve.”

Projector Fund. The donors to this have now agreed that the money shall become a “Special Reserve.”

Library. This is now housed very well in the Reference Library in Napier. A few additions have been made and a number of books are on order.

Sections. These have shown very gratifying activity, though mainly in the Hastings District. Some movements are already afoot to organise them at the Napier end, but the difficulty there lies in the numbers already fully taken up with work in the Museum and kindred societies.

Representative on Council of Royal Society. Mr. J. D. H. Buchanan.

Papers. One by Dr. Levring has been submitted for publication.

Museums. The Society is represented on the Management Committee of the Hawke's Bay Art Gallery and Museum in Napier and on the Hastings Museum Committee. The Society is gradually increasing its efforts in this direction.

C. D. Costello

, President.