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Volume 79, 1951
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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council,
Held 17th May
, 1950.

The Annual Meeting of the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand was held on Wednesday, 17th May, 1950, in the Council Room, Victoria University College, Wellington.

Representation and Roll Call. The following responded to the roll call:—The President, Dr. R. A. Falla; representing the Government: Dr. G. Archey, Mr. B. C. Aston, Dr. W. R. B. Oliver; representing the Auckland Institute: Dr. L. H. Briggs, Mr. A. T. Pycroft; representing Wellington Branch: Dr. L. Bastings, Dr. J. T. Salmon; representing Canterbury Branch: Professor R. S. Allan, Dr. O. H. Frankel; representing Otago Branch: Dr. C. M. Focken, Mr. O. H. Keys; representing Hawke's Bay Branch: Mr. J. D. H. Buchanan; representing Nelson Institute: Dr. D. Miller; co-opted Member: Dr. J. Marwick; Hon. Treasurer: Mr. S. Cory Wright.

Apologies were received from the Hon. Minister for Scientific and Industrial Research, who wrote stating that owing to a meeting of the Executive Council he regretted that it was not possible for him to attend.

Mr. F. R. Callaghan, Vice-President, wrote apologising for absence as he was leaving for England on the 12th May for the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux Conference.

Mr. R. Willett, representative of the Soutland Branch, apologised for absence as he was attending a Coal Conference in Dunedin.

Honorary Patron. The President conveyed to the Council a personal message from his Excellency the Governor-General, the Honorary Patron of the Society. He said he had called on his Excellency, who regretted that a meeting of the Executive Council made it impossible to attend this meeting, and in previous years he was usually in residence in Auckland in May. Dr. Falla said his Excellency showed keen interest in the work of the Council and the Society as a whole, and he conveyed his warmest encouragement and good wishes.

New Members of the Council. The President welcomed to the Council Mr. O. H. Keys, who replaced Miss M. Fyfe as representative of the Otago Branch. The President also welcomed the Hon. Treasurer, Mr. S. Cory Wright, as a member of the Council consequent on the Royal Society of New Zealand Act, Amendments, 1949, being passed.

Obituary. The President referred to the loss the Society had sustained by the death of Professor R. Speight and of Professor A. J. Bartrum, and the Council stood in tribute to their memory.

Hector Award. The following report was received from Dr. H. D. Skinner, convener of the Hector Award Committee and adopted:—

“The Hector Award Committee consisting of Sir Peter Buck, Mr. Johannes Andersen and myself, nominates for the Hector Medal and Prize, Dr. Ernest Beaglehole, M.A. (N.Z.), Ph.D., Litt.D., F.R.S.N.Z., on account of his published researches in Polynesian ethnology.
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(Signed) H. D. Skinner

Convener Hector Award Committee.”