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Volume 79, 1951
– lvi –

Reports of Research Grantees.

Briggs, Dr. L. H., who received £25 from the special grant of £100 in 1948 and £69 16s 5d from the sale of apparatus originally bought with a research grant reported on the 27th April that, owing to his absence overseas, no report was furnished for 1948–49 and this report, therefore, covers a two-year period. The research work being done is on Plant Products of New Zealand. The essential-oil still and fractionating column purchased from previous grants has been used for further investigations of essential oils of New Zealand trees. Microchemical apparatus bought from similar funds is in constant use for all phases of the work on plant products.

There was an unexpended balance of £1 6s 9d from the 1945 grant and this, together with the two amounts mentioned above, will be required for the payment of research apparatus already ordered. This has arrived in New Zealand but has not yet been delivered. It will include items of a general research nature such as a vacuum distillation apparatus, vacuum drier, shaking machine, etc., required for research purposes. Vouchers will be presented after arrival of the goods and payment of the accounts.

Ten papers have been published in the Journal of the Chemical Society on the work which has been done and reference made to the grants from the Royal Society of New Zealand for which, once again, Dr. Briggs expresses his sincere appreciation to the Society.