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Volume 79, 1951
– lvi –

Hutton Grants.

Cone, Dr. Greta, who was granted £50 for research on Fungi, reported last year that she had fully expended the grant in the purchase of books and travelling expenses in collecting trips.

On the 1st May she reported that the books are still in use for her research and they are all inscribed with the Royal Society's name. She expresses her gratitude for the use of these books.

Mr. V. J. Cook, who, in March, 1949, was granted £30 for research on Cyperaceae, reported on 30th March, 1950, that expenses to the amount of £13 15s 4d were incurred in visiting mainly the West Coast area of the South Island during December and January. The chief purpose of the trip was to collect various specimens of Cyperaceae and to study a number of them in the field.

Marples, Professor B. J., who has been for some years doing research work on vertebrate palaeontology at Duntroon, reported on the 28th April that, at his request, the Society transferred the balance of a grant of £5 for work on the Little Owl towards the expenses of a projected visit to Green Island. As circumstances have prevented this visit he asks permission to use the £5 on his vertebrate palaeontological research in North Otago. He reports that he has a fossil whale partially excavated near Duntroon, several other specimens located which are worth examination, and there still remains a great deal of territory to be explored.

Moore, Miss L. B. reported on the 19th April that so far she has not expended any portion of her grant for purchasing books, but during the next six months she hopes to expend it in Great Britain on literature or some special investigation.

McQueen, D. R., was, on 15th September, granted £15 for research on the regeneration after fires of the Nothofagus forests of the Southern Tararuas,

– lvii –

On the 12th July he reported that work has been continued on the burnt-off forests in the cold temperate belt of the Southern Tararuas and the ? Ridge, and a fortnight was spent on Mt. Reeves in January.

The money has been expended in transport by rail, bus, and the use of a pack-horse.

Richdale, L. E. In June Mr. Richdale asked for and was granted a transfer of his grant of £30 for research in the Solander Islands to albatross and penguin research on the Otago Peninsula. He reported on the 21st April that the grant has enabled him to continue the research work on the Otago Peninsula that has been under way for 14 years. He had incurred expenditure of £17 14s 6d in travelling and for ringing material.

To Punga, M. T., who, in 1946, was granted £30 for work in connection with geololgical aspects of palaeo-botany and petrography, reported on the 25th April that owing to ill-health, he had been unable to undertake any research work during the past year. He hoped, however, to continue the work in the near future.

Van't Woudt, B. D., who, in November, 1948, was granted £42 for research on exotic conifer plantations at Kaingaroa, reported on the 12th April by way of an interim report of over 20 pages covering headings as follows:








Natural Vegetation on the Plains


Light relations


Temperature relations.


Water relations.


Lysimater experiments.


Soil relations.


The position of Pinus Radiata.


Soil improvement.

He proposes, with the aid of a University Research Fund Fellowship, to continue the research for his Ph.D.

The reports of the research grantees and Hutton research grantees were adopted.