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Volume 79, 1951
– lviii –

Great Barrier Reef Committee.

Report of Representative.

Two meetings of the Committee were held in 1949.

The report of the Sub-committee on the proposal to establish a Marine Biological Station on Heron Island in the Capricorn Group was considered at the meeting of July 15th. The Sub-committee recommended that the Capricorn Group provided the most favourable area in which to establish the station. Official support for the project has been accorded by the A.N.Z.A.A.S., the Australian National Research Council, and the Seventh Pacific Science Congress. Approaches for official support have been made to the C.S.I.R. and letters written to the National University of Australia, the Royal Society, London, the B.A.A.S., and the Royal Geographical Society seeking their goodwill. The following funds are known to be available: Great Barrier Reef Committee, £500; Goddard Memorial Fund, £500; A.N.Z.A.A.S., £25; donation, £5. Approaches for financial support have been made to various organisations.

Considerable discussion followed the presentation of this report. Much of it centred round a suggestion by Mrs. Mackerras that the station be situated further north, but the proximity of Heron Island to Brisbane and the fact that it is a very good example of a coral reef decided the Committee to approve the Sub-committee's recommendation. It was pointed out that there were permanent residents on Heron Island who could look after the station and equipment when not in use. Dr. Dorothy Hill, when in England last year, found everywhere that the proposal to establish a marine biological station on the Great Barrier Reef was received with enthusiasm, and many offers to help from individuals and institutions had been made.

The financial statement showed a balance in had on December 9th, 1949, of £1,192 0s 11d, the reduction since the balance was last reported being due to the donation of £500 for the Heron Island Biological Station project.

W. R. B. Oliver.

On the motion of Dr. Oliver the report submitted by him on the Great Barrier Reef Committee was adopted.