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Volume 79, 1951
– lxii –

Notices of Motion.

Title of Wild Life Committee: On the motion of Mr. Pycroft seconded by Dr. Oliver, it was resolved that the name of the Wild Life Control Committee be changed to Conservation Committee.

Presidential Addresses: It was moved by Dr. Frankel and seconded by Dr. Salmon: “That Presidents be invited to deliver the Presidential Addresses to Member Bodies in rotation.”

In discussing this motion the opinion was expressed that it was a good thing to rotate as it would stimulate the Branches, but the decision to hold the annual meetings in rotation in other centers involved additional financial liability in travelling expenses, etc. Dr. Miller and Mr. Buchanan stated that for the first time a President of the Royal Society had delivered addresses in Nelson and Hawke's Bay, and Dr. Falla's action was greatly appreciated.

On the motion of Professor Allan, seconded by Dr. Briggs, it was resolved that the matter was worthy of consideration and was referred to the Standing Committee and the Member Bodies.

Secretary's Salary. The Standing Committee was given authority to make necessary adjustments in the secretary's salary.

Nominations Committee. It was reported that the Nominations Committee had met and considered the nominations which had been received from Member Bodies for the offices of President and Vice-Presidents, and it recommended that Mr. F. R. Callaghan be elected President and Dr. R. A. Falla and Dr. J. Marwick, Vice-Presidents.

The Nominations Committee report was adopted.

On the motion of Dr. Archey, seconded by Mr. Pycroft, it was resolved that the Member Bodies may make additional and confidential nominations to the Nominations Committee. Dr. Briggs suggested that provision should be made for two classes of Vice-President, one that the immediate past President fill that office and two additional Vice-Presidents to be elected.

Election of Officers.

President: Mr. F. R. Callaghan.

Vice-Presidents: Dr. R. A. Falla and Dr. J. Marwick.

Hon. Editor: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.

– lxiii –

Hon. Treasurer: Mr. S. Cory Wright.

Hon. Librarian: Professor L. R. Richardson.

Representative Royal N.Z. Institute of Horticulture: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.

Representative Great Barrier Reef Committee: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver.

Election of Committees.

Hector Award Committee: Professor C. A. Cotton (convener), Professor W. N. Benson, Dr. J. Marwick.

Hamilton Award Committee: Dr. G. Archey, Dr. C. M. Focken.

T. K. Sidey Summer-time Award Committee: Professor D. C. H. Florance (convener), Professor F. C. Chalklin, Dr. M. A. F. Barnett.

Fellowship Selection Committee: Dr. R. A. Falla, Dr. L. H. Briggs, Dr. D. B. Macleod, Professor R. S. Allan, Dr. D. Miller.

Library Committee: The Hon. Librarian, Professor C. A. Cotton, Dr. J. Marwick, Dr. J. T. Salmon.

Conservation Committee: Dr. W. R. B. Oliver (convener), Dr. G. Archey, Dr. R. A. Falla, Mr. L. E. Richdale, Mr. C. A. Fleming, Dr. J. T. Salmon.

Research Grants Committee: Dr. R. A. Falla (convener), Dr. J. Marwick, Dr. D. Miller.

Nominations Committee: Mr. F. R. Callaghan, Dr. R. A. Falla, Professor R. S. Allan, Dr. C. M. Focken, Mr. J. D. H. Buchanan, Dr. D. Miller.

Votes of Thanks. On the motion of the President, the Council of Victoria University and the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research were thanked for the use of their Council rooms for meetings.

A vote of thanks was accorded to the Press, to the Secretary, and to the Hon. Treasurer.

In moving a vote of thanks to the retiring President, Dr. Falla, Professor Allan and Dr. Archey stated that the Society's thanks and its appreciation of Dr. Falla's work as President should be placed on record. Owing to circumstances his term of office was longer than usual and was especially arduous due to the fact that during that term it fell to his lot to be President of the Seventh Pacific Science Congress, and in that office he had brought distinction not only to himself but to the Royal Society of New Zealand. His term covered an important period in the progress of the Royal Society.

Other members spoke in appreciative terms of Dr. Falla's Presidency, and the motion was carried with acclamation.

Annual Meeting, 1951. The date suggested by the Science Congress Committee was the 22nd May, and the Standing Committee was left to confirm that date and make arrangements.

Vulcanological Films. Mr. Cory Wright stated that he had seen Dr. Gregory in Honolulu, who had stated that some good vulcanological films could be made available to the Society or its Branches.

– lxiv –

Evening Meeting. Dr. Falla delivered his Presidential Address entitled “The Functions of the Royal Society” at a meeting of the Wellington Branch held in the Dominion Museum on the same evening when Dr. Bastings, President of the Branch, presided. The meeting was well attended.

At the conclusion Dr. Frankel moved a most cordial vote of thanks to Dr. Falla for his interesting and stimulating address.

On the motion of Dr. Salmon it was resolved that the President be asked to allow his address to be published in the Transactions.


R. A. Falla

2nd June, 1950.