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Volume 79, 1951
– lxiv –

Reports of Member Bodies.
Wellington Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
Annual Report for the Year Ended 30th September, 1949.

Membership. The total membership now stands at 304 members and 80 associates, an increase in the total membership of 20 over the last year.

Syllabus. The following addresses were given before the Branch's general meeting during the session just closed:—27th October, 1948, Annual General Meeting; 20th December, 1948, In conjunction with the Wellington Branches of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, the New Zealand Association of Scientific Workers and the New Zealand Institution of Engineers: “Scientific Co-operation in the English-speaking World,” by Sir Henry Tizard, K.C.B., F.R.S.; 27th April, 1949, “The Education of Scientists,” by Hon. Sir David Smith; 25th May, 1949, “New Zealand and International Science,” by Dr. R. A. Falla, being the Presidential Address to the Royal Society of New Zealand; 22nd June, 1949, “Scraps from the Society's Earlier Days,” by Dr. W. P. Evans; 27th July, 1949, “Evolution of the Individual,” by Prof. L. R. Richardson, being the Presidential Address to the Branch; 24th August, 1949, “The Place of Science,” by Dr. Gilbert Archey, Director, Auckland Museum, being the first Hudson Lecture; 28th September, 1949, “Aviation Medicine in the Royal Air Force,” by Group Captain P. B. Lee Potter, M.D., D.P.H., D.T.M. & H.

Addresses given before Sections were as follows:—

Astronomy and Geophysics Section. “Weather, Waves and Microseisms,” by Mr. W. M. Jones; “Aerial Photography,” by Mr. G. T. Railton; “Recent Overseas Work on Solar Prominences,” by Mr. I. L. Thomsen; “Radio Waves from Outside the Earth,” by Mr. C. J. Banwell.

Biology Section. “The Management of Wild Life,” a symposium contributed to by Dr. K. A. Wodzicki, Mr. G. F. Yerex, Dr. R. A. Falla, and Mr. D. F. Hobbs; “Genetics,” by Dr. R. A. Silow; “Some Problems of Fisheries Management,” by Mr. K. R. Allen; “Trailing of the Alaska-Yukon Caribou,” by Dr. O. J. Murie; “The New Zealand-American Fiordland Expedition,” by Mr. A. L. Poole; “Wallabies in New Zealand,” by Mr. R. Kean; “Vegetation of Some Auckland Sand Dunes,” by Miss A. Lush; “Octopuses and Their Allies,” by Mr. R. K. Dell.

Geology Section. “A Geologist Abroad,” by Mr. M. Ongley; “Rivers, Geology, and Soils of the Wairarapa,” by Messrs. T. H. F. Nivens, R. A. Cooper, and H. S. Gibbs; “Ash Showers of the North Island,” by Mr. N. H. Taylor; “Structural History of Western Southland,” by Mr. A. C. Beck; “Axes of Active Warping in Hawke's Bay,” and “Remarks on the Lyttelton Harbour Problem,” by Prof. C. A. Cotton.

Physics Section. “A Discussion of Some Recent Important Advances in Physics,” by Mr. N. V. Ryder; “Meteorological and Physical Aspects of

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Radiation Frosts,” by Messrs. R. F. Bensemann, J. W. Hutchings, and M. E. Probine; “Medical Aspects of Radiation Physics,” by Mr. G. E. Roth; “Methods and Problems; “Medical Aspects of Radiation Physics,” by Mr. G. E. Roth; “Methods and Problems of Physical Oceanography,” by Mr. W. M. Jones; “The Designs of Optical Systems,” by Mr. N. J. Rumsey.

In addition the section held a screening of films on “Solar Eruptions and Ionospheric Disturbances,” described by Mr. C. J. Banwell, and a demonstration of the electron microscope at the Dominion Physical Laboratory, Lower Hutt.

Social Science Section. “Housing Policy and the State: Some Social Considerations,” by Mr. Charles Cameron; “A Discussion on the Experiences of Recent Science Congress”; “Projected Work in Rural Sociology,” by Mr. D. A. Viggers; “Sociological Problems of the Chatham Islanders,” by Mr. Frank Simpson; “The Machiavellian Tradition in Politics,” by Prof. R. S. Parker; “Trends in Social Policy,” by Prof. D. C. Marsh.

Technology Section. “New Trends in Electronics,” by Mr. I. K. Walker; “Measurement of Wind,” by Mr. R. A. Ewing; “The Pattern of Research in America,” by Mr. G. Maskill Smith; “Silicones,” by Mr. C. E. Fuller; “Sea Weeds in the World's Industries,” by Miss L. B. Moore; “The Future of Jet Propulsion,” by Group Captain G. E. Watt, C.B.E.; “Time and Motion Study in Industry,” by Mr. K. Schwarz.

Hudson Lecture. The Council invited Dr. Gilbert Archey, Director of the Auckland Institute and Museum, to deliver the first Hudson Lecture. Dr. Archey presented an outstanding philosophical address on “The Place of Sciences.”

Representation on the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand. On his election to the Presidency of the Branch, Professor Richardson resigned his position as Branch Representative on the Royal Society Council. Dr. L. Bastings was appointed in his place, and he and Dr. J. T. Salmon have continued to represent the Branch in this capacity.

Papers for Publication. The following papers were submitted through the Branch during the year:—“Studies of New Zealand Freshwater Ciliates,” by Mr. Brian Bary; “Studies of New Zealand Nothofagus,” by Mr. A. L. Poole; “Ctenophores from the Waters of Cook Strait and Wellington Harbour,” by Miss P. M. Ralph.

Waipoua Forest. The report of the Biology Section on this matter was adopted as the basis of the Branch's reply to the Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Seventh Pacific Science Congress. Many members of the Branch attended and took an active part in this Congress both in Auckland and Christchurch. Dr. J. F. Filmer and Mr. H. C. McQueen officially represented the Branch at the Auckland and Christchurch sessions respectively. The President, Prof. L. R. Richardson, was Organising Chairman, and the Branch's Secretary, Dr. J. T. Salmon, was General Secretary of the Zoology Division of the Congress. Dr. P. Marshall was Chairman of the Standing Committee on Volcanology, and Prof. C. A. Cotton and Mr. M. Te Punga were Organising Chairman and Secretary, respectively, of the Geology Division. Dr. M. A. F. Barnett and Mr. J. W. Hutchings, acted as Organising Chairman and Secretary to the Division of Meteorology, Dr. W. R. B. Oliver as Organising Chairman for the Botany Division, and Dr. W. M. Hamilton as Secretary to the Division on Soil Researches, Forestry and Agriculture.