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Volume 79, 1951
– lxv –

Auckland Institute and Museum.
Annual Report for the Year Ended 31st March, 1950.

Membership. At the close of the year ending 31st March, 1950, the membership of the Auckland Institute and Museum stands at 632 members, of whom 236 are life members.

Bequests and Donations. The bequest of Miss M. A. N. Russell of seven acres of native bush at Titirangi as a reserve is cordially acknowledged. The bush is in excellent condition and will undoubtedly afford a valuable source of botanical study. The late Mr. A. G. Lunn, a former President of the Institute, has bequeathed a legacy of £25 and a selection of books from his library. The Auckland Electric Power Board has again donated £50

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to the Museum funds. The bequest of the residue of his estate by the late Mr. A. V. Hanson has already resulted in the addition of £1,970 to the funds, and the Council is now realising the remainder which is likely to produce a further £100.

No report would be complete without reference to the very great benefits which are accruing from the generous foundation provided by Mr. Edward Earle Vaile. Over £2,000 was expended from the income of this fund in the acquisition of important historical specimens, and books (including the library of Mr. Johannes C. Andersen) during the year.

War Memorial Appeal. Your Council is represented on the War Memorial Appeal Committee, which has now approximately £100,000 in hand and seeks a further £150,000 which, with the Government subsidy, will provide the required sum of £500,000.

Institute Meetings. Eight Monday evening lectures were given during the year: Mr. Harold Mattingly, M.A., F.S.A., “Everyday Life in Ancient Rome”; Colonel K. Howard, Film shown of the New Zealand-American Fiordland Expedition; Mr. M. H. Battey, M.Sc., “The Recent Eruption of Ngauruhoe”; Mr. C. N. Watson-Muuro, O.B.E., M.Sc., “Whither Atomic Power?”; Dr. E. J. Godley, M.Sc., “Human Genetics”; Dr. R. P. Anschutz, M.A., “Some Modern Political Theories”; Dr. Wilton E. Henley, “On Being Tired”; Dr. Olaus J. Murie, “Trailing the Alaska-Yukon Caribou.”

Papers were contributed by Mr. John Morton:, Mr. R. V. Mirams, Mr. E. G. Turbott, Mr. A. W. B. Powell, Professor Ph. H. Kuenen, Mr. R. C. Cooper, Mr. E. J. Searle and Professor V. J. Chapman.

The Sunday afternoon lectures at the Museum were again well attended. Mr. Johanes G. Andersen, “Captain Cook in Dusky Bay”; Professor K. B. Cumberland, “New Zealand's Pacific Island Neighbourhood”; Dr. T. E. Woodward, “Insect Life Histories”; Mr. A. W. Smith, “The Southern Rocky Mountains: The Roof of the United States of America”; Miss J. Dingley, “Plant Immigrants”; Mr. R. B. Sibson, “Wanderings in Southern France”; Dr. W. Cottier, “Insect Invaders”; Mr. L. M. Lennard, “The History of the Waitakers Ranges”; Dr. Gilbert Archey, “Native Art in Oceania.”

Anthropology Section. In the Anthropology Section an important present-day topic, “Trusteeship in the Pacific,” was presented in an interesting panel discussion by the Rev. R. Godfrey, Dr. V. W. T. McGusty, and Professor W. T. G. Airey. This discussion and a meeting to hear Dr. W. Wallace Atwood, a prominent American geographer attending the Science Congress, were in conjunction with the Geographical Society.

Astronomical Station. The Auckland Astronomical Society has now increased its membership to 100. There were nine well-attended meetings with an average attendance of 40, the subjects including “Meteors in Upper Atmosphere,” “The 3-inch Refractor,” and “Graphical Methods in Astronomy,” A film evening, contributions from the Junior Section, and an exhibition and social evening completed the programme. The lecturers were Messrs. R. A. McIntosh, L. N. H. Beaumont, and A. P. McKerras.

Pacific Science Congress. Certain duties accruing from the Seventh Pacific Science Congress have been accepted by members of the staff. Mr. Powell has edited for publication in the Congress Proceedings the papers and abstracts for the Division of Oceanography; Mr. Turbott is doing the same service for the voluminous Zoology Division material; Mr. Fisher, Mr. Battey, and Mr. Cooper checked and put into order the papers submitted in the divisions of Anthropology, Geology, and Botany respectively.

The Pacific Science Council, the Congress decided to establish a permanent Secretariat, requested the Royal Society to institute an interim Secretariat to implement the resolutions and recommendations of the Congress and to initiate other secretariat activities, and the writer undertook the duties of honorary secretary. Miss Brenda Bishop, Secretarial Assistant for the Congress, continued as Assistant Secretary, and has recently been appointed to the same position in the permanent Secretariat in Honolulu.

– lxvii –

Records of Auokland Museum. With this year's issue of the “Records,” the third volume of the Museum scientific journal was completed. Papers were contributed by Mr. H. Barraclough Fell, Mr. A. W. B. Powell, Mr. E. G. Turbott, Mr. R. C. Cooper, and Mr. M. H. Battey.

Education Service. The following is a summary of the number of children having attended one-hour lessons for the year ended 31st March, 1950:—Primary, 17,822; Intermediate, 3,786; Secondary, 4,288; Special Groups and Students 2,702; Total, 28,598.

The preparation of loan material has continued in co-operation with Mr. and Mrs. Turbott, Mr. Battey, and Mr. Cooper. New school cases, bird boxes, loose material boxes, and displays have been made, giving a total stock of 88 school cases, 90 bird boxes, 23 displays, and 8 loose material boxes. Some 460 loans were made to 218 schools; 60 in the city, and 158 in the province.

Librarian. During the year 1,438 books have been added to the Library. Of these, 1,067 were purchased from the Edward Earle Vaile Trust Fund. This fund has made it possible to acquire a number of rare and important works on the Pacific, consisting mainly of accounts of voyages of exploration and of scientific expeditions.