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Volume 81, 1953

Volume 81, parts 1, 2, 3 AND 4.

somatic Chromosome Number of the New Zealand Broom Genera and a Discussion of Their Relationship
By Brenda F. Slade 19
Forest Regeneration on the Western Hutt Hills. Wellington
By Barbara H. Croker 1121
Contributions to a Knowledge of the Naturalized Flora of New Zealand. No 3
By A. J. Healy 2326
Additions to and Notes on N.Z. scirpus and Carex
By V. J. Cook 157164
Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. part I—sub-family Cyphelloideae
By G. H. Cunningham 165188
Note on secotium conei Heim
By Greta Stevenson 313314
Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. part II: The genus Pellicularia
By G. H. Cunningham 321328
The Hypocreales of New Zealand V.—The Genera Cordyceps and Torrubrella
By Joan M. Dingley 329343
Plant Microfossils from New Zealand No. 1.
By R. A. Couper 479483
Marchasta arcolata, Campbell, a New Monotypic Genus of the Marchantiaceae
By Ella O. Campbell 485488
The Hypocreales of New Zealand. VI. The Genera Hypocrella, Barya, Claviceps and Podonectria
By Joan M. Dingley 489499
The Effect of Ammonium sulphate on the Growth of Dhar Yeast Cultures Containing sucrose as source of Carbon
By Krishna Bahadur 469471
The Chemical Composition of the Two New Zealand species of Durvillea
By Betty Moss and Margaret Naylor 473478
The Intertidal Ecology of Taylor's Mistake, Banks Peninsula
By G. A. Knox 189220
Occurrence of the Oak Blotch Miner Lithocolletis messaniella Zeller (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in New Zealand
By K. A. J. Wise 6566
Four New Curculionidae (Col.) from New Zealand Pages
By Sir Guy A. K. Marshall 6770
The New Zealand species of Oliarus (Hem. Cixiidae)
By R. A. Cumber 7172
Notes on New Zealand Diptera
By L. J. Dumbleton 239244
The Diptera of the Antipodes and the Bounty Islands
By Roy A. Harrison 269282
New Zealand Ichneumonidae. (Paper No. 3.) sub-family Ophioninae. Tribe Ophionini
By Arthur W. Parrott 627645
The study of Quaternary strand-Lines in New Zealand
By Maxwell Gage 2734
The Genus Pelicaria in the Tertiary of East Wairarapa
By P. Vella 3548
some New Zealand Tertiary Marine Ostracoda Useful In stratigraphy.
By N. De B. Hornibrook 303311
Problem of the Anomalous Lower Course of the Waianakarua River, North-east Otago
By G. L. Adkin 345348
The Geology of the Central Portion of Hokianga County, North Auckland
By A. P. Mason 349374
Jurassic Foraminifera from New Zealand
By N. De B. Hornibrook 375378
Late Pleistocene and Recent Faulting in the Otaki-Porirua and Dalefield-Waipoua Districts of south Wellington, North Island, New Zealand
By G. Leslie Adkin 501519
The Relationship of Waitemata Formation and the Manukau Breccia, Auckland, New Zealand
By R. N. Brothers 521538
Tertiary Mollusca from south-East Wairarapa
By Paul Vella 539555
A Note on the Earthworm Fauna of the Kermadec Islands
By K. E. Lee 4951
Australian Ascidians of the sub-family Holozoinae and a Review of the sub-family
By Beryl I. Brewin 5364
Additions to the Rotatoria of New Zealand. part V.
By C. R. Russell 7378
The Protozoa of New Zealand Inter-tidal Zone Fishes
By Marshall Laird, M.Sc., Ph.D, 79143
The Molluscan Genus Monodilepas in New Zealand Pages
By R. K. Dell 145151
The Fresh-water Mollusca of New Zealand. part I—The Genus Hyridella
By R. K. Dell 221237
The Origin and Migrations of Australasian Echinoderm Faunas since the Mesozoic
By H. Barraclough Fell 245255
On a Collection of Fishes Made By Dr. Marshall Laird at Norfolk Island
By Henry W. Fowler 257267
studies on New Zealand Hirudinea. part III—Bdellamaris eptatreti n.g., n.sp. and Notes on Other Piscicolidae
By Laurence R. Richardson 283294
A Note on the Occurrence in New Zealand of Mesostoma ehrenbergii (Focke) schmidt, 1948 (Turbellaria, Rhabdocoela)
By Vida M. Stout 295301
Variation in squilla armata M. Edw. (stomatopoda) suggesting a Distinct Form in New Zealand Waters
By L. R. Richardson 315317
Dasyatis thetidis Waite, a second species of Giant stingray in New Zealand Waters
By L. R. Richardson And J. A. F. Garrick 319320
Neomyxine n.g. (Cyclostoma) based on Myxine biniplicata Richardson and Jowett 1951, and Further Data on the species
By Laurence R. Richardson 379383
Two New Gobioid Fishes from Oceania
By Henry W. Fowler 385388
Eylais waikawae n.sp. (Hydracarina) and some Features of Its Life History and Anatomy
By Vida M. Stout 389416
New species of Hydracarina, with a Description of the Life-History of Two
By Vida M. Stout 417466
A specimen of Nemichthys (Pisces, Apodes) from New Zealand Waters
By L. R. Richardson And J. A. F. Garrick 467468
A New species of Polyzoan, and Notes on Taxonomy
By D. A. Brown 557561
studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna No. 2. The Family Talitradae: The Fresh-Water Genus Chiltonia Stebbing
By D. E. Hurley 563577
studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna No. 3. The Family Phoxocephalidae
By D. E. Hurley 579599
studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna No. 4. The Family Gammaridae, Including a Revision of the Freshwater Genus Phreatogammarus stebbing
By D. E. Hurley 601618
studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna No. 5. Pleonexes lessoniae, a New species of the Family Amphithoidae
By D. E. Hurley 619626
George simpson 153155
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