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Volume 81, 1953

Volume 81, Part 1

Somatic Chromosome Number of the New Zealand Broom Genera and a Discussion of Their Relationship
By Brenda F. Slade 19
Forest Regeneration on the Western Hutt Hills, Wellington
By Barbara H. Croker 1121
Contributions to a Knowledge of the Naturalized Flora of New Zealand. No. 3
By A. J. Healy 2326
A Note on the Earthworm Fauna of the Kermadec Islands
By K. E. Lee 4951
Australian Ascidians of the sub-family Holozoinae and a Review of the sub-family
By Beryl I. Brewin 5364
Four New Curculionidae (Col.) from New Zealand
By Sir Guy A. K. Marshall 6770
Additions to the Rotatoria of New Zealand. part V.
By C. R. Russell 7378
The Protozoa of New Zealand Inter-tidal Zone Fishes
By Marshall Laird, M.sc., Ph. D. 79143
The study of Quaternary strand-Lines in New Zealand
By Maxwell Gage 2734
The Genus Pelicaria in the Tertiary of East Watarapa
By P. Vella 3548
Occurrence of the Oak Blotch Miner Lithocolletis Messaniella Zeller (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in New Zealand
By K. A. J. Wise 6566
The New Zealand species of Oliarus (Hem. Cixiidae)
By R. A. Cumber 7172
The Molluscan Genus Monodilepas in New Zealand
By R. K. Dell 145151
George simpson 153155