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Volume 81, 1953

Volume 81, Part 3

Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. Part II: The genus Pellicularia By G. H. Cunningham 321-328
The Hypocreales of New Zealand V.—The Genera Cordyceps and Torrubiella By Joan M. Dingley 320–343
Problem of the Anomalous Lower Course of the Waianakarua River, North-east Otago By G. L. Adkin 345–348
The Geology of the Central Position of Hokianga Country, North Auckland By A. P. Mason 349–374
Jurassic Foramimfera from New Zealand By N. De B. Hornibrook 375–378
Neomyxine n.g. (Cyclostoma) based on Myxine bimiplicata Richardson and Jowett 1951, and Further Data on the Species By Laurence R. Richardson 379–383
Two New Gobioid Fishes from Oceania By Henry W. Fowler 385–388
Eylais waikawae n.sp. (Hydracarina) and Some Features of Its Life History and Anatomy By Vida M. Stout 389–416
New Species of Hydracarina, with a Description of the Life-History of Two By Vida M. Stout 417–466
A Specimen of Nemichthys (Pisces, Apodes) from New Zealand Waters By L. R. Richardson and J. A. F. Garrick 467–468