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Volume 81, 1953

Volume 81, Part 4
Page 644, lines 12 and 13, to read:
Ophion oculatus n.sp.
Ophion oculatus oculatus n.sub.sp.

– 645 –

I wish to express my very grateful thanks to the Directors of the following Institutions for the loan of material: The Auckland, Dominion Museum and Canterbury Museums, the Cawthron Institute and the Entomological Research Station, Nelson.

To Mr. G. J. Kerrich, of the Commonwealth Institute of Entomology, British Museum, I am greatly indebted for his invaluable assistance in comparing specimens of Ophion with types in the British Museum Collections.

To Dr. C. W. F. Muesebeck, In Charge, Division of Insect Identification, U. S. Dept. Agriculture, Washington, and to Dr. B. D. Burks, of the U.S. National Museum, I owe my very sincere thanks for comparing specimens of Australophion, with Cushman's type of A. inflatus.

My thanks are also due to Dr. W. Cottier and Mr. B. B. Given, of the Entomological Research Station, Nelson, for reading over the manuscript, and for some very useful suggestions that have been incorporated in this paper.