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Volume 82, 1954-55


Volume 82, Part 1.

The Female Conceptacle and Young Sporeling of the Four New Zealand Species of Carpophyllum
By Margaret Naylor 16
New Zealand Hepaticae (Liverworts)—VIII. A Review of the New Zealand Species of the Genera Bazzania and Acromastigum
By E. Amy Hodgson 721
Variation in a Sample of Pinus radiata Cones from the Nelson District
By M. H. Bannister 2540
Some Notes on Suaeda australis Moq. var. nova zeladica var. nov. and Mesembryanthemum australe Sol. ex Forst. f.
By J. B. MacKay and V. J. Chapman 4147
Studies in New Zealand Carices I. The Section Acutae Fries
By B. G. Hamlin 4964
A Disease of Manuka Leptospermum scoparium Forst.
By A. P. Mulcock 115118
Upper Palaeozoic Plant Fossils from South Island, New Zealand
By D. R. McQueen 231236
The Structure and Development of Monoclea forsteri, Hook.
By Ella O. Campbell 237248
The Structure and Development of Marchasta areolata Camp.
By Ella O. Campbell 249262
Contributions to a Knowledge of the Naturalized Flora of New Zealand. No. 4
By A. J. Healy 263269
Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. Part III: The Genus Corticium
By G. H. Cunningham 271327
Forests and Climates in the South Island of New Zealand
By John T. Holloway 329410
The Occurrence of Sarcochilus adversus (Hook. f.) in the Waikato Basin
By M. C. Gudex, M. A., M. Sc. 611612
Further Notes on Gastrodia R. Brown and Spiranthes L. C. Richard.
By Edwin D. Hatch 613615
Studies on New Zealand Clavariaceae. I.
By D. Alleyne Crawford 617631
Rust Fungi on New Zealand Clematis
By G. T. S. Baylis 633637
Chromosome Number and Distribution of Solanum aviculare Forst. and S. laciniatum Ait.
By G. T. S. Baylis 639643
A Check List of the Marine Algae of the Dunedin District
By Margaret Naylor 645663
Introductory Note to Cyto-Taxonomic Studies of New Zealand Ferns
By G. Brownlie 665666
Fossil Leaves, Fruits and Seeds from the Wanganui Series (Plio-Pleistocene) of New Zealand
By D. R. McQueen 667676
Thelephoraceae of New Zealand. Part IV. The Genus Vararia.
By G. H. Cunningham 973985
The Genus Albugo in New Zealand
By Shirley D. Baker 987993
A Study of the Growth of Dhar Yeast in Cultures Containing Ethyl Alcohol as Source of Carbon and Different Ammonium Salts as Source of Nitrogen, Under Non-aerated Conditions
By K. Bahadur 219221
The Nature and Alteration of Some Triassic Sediments from Southland, New Zealand
By D. S. Coombs 65109
An Upper Triassic Lamellibranch from the Southern Alps of North Westland, New Zealand (Sheet S53)
By C. A. Fleming, F. W. Munden and R. P. Suggate 111114
The Petrography of Some Jurassic Conglomerates at Kawhia, New Zealand
By Helen A. H. Macdonald 223230
The Relative Pleistocene Chronology of the South Kaipara District, New Zealand
By R. N. Brothers 677694
Note on New Zealand Crustal Structure
By K. E. Bullen 995999
Sohfluxion and Periglacially Modified Landforms at Wellington, New Zealand
By C. A. Cotton and M. T. Te Punga 10011031
The Oretian Stage of the New Zealand Triassic System
By J. D. Campbell 10331047
Kapitean (Upper Miocene) Mollusca from Te Waewae Bay, Southland, New Zealand.
By C. A. Fleming 10491059
The Petrology of the Arahura and Pounamu Series in the Kokatahi River, North Westland.
By Brian Mason and S. R. Taylor 10611070
Antler Growth and Shedding in a Captive Group of Fallow Deer (Dama dama) in New Zealand
By Thane Riney 569578
A Comparison of the Parasites of Wild and Domestic Pigs in New Zealand
By M. J. Ineson, 1953 579609
Notes on Food and Cannibalism in Macropathus filifer Walker, 1869 (Rhaphidophoridae, Orthoptera)
By Aola M. Richards, M. Sc 733737
The Systematics and Ecology of the Genus Macropathus Walker, 1869 (Orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae)
By Aola M. Richards 739762
Studies on New Zealand Elasmobranchii. Part III. A New Species of Triakis (Selachii) from New Zealand
By J. A. F. Garrick 695702
Note on the Type Specimen of the Maori Rat
By R. R. Marples 703704
The Effect of Environmental Factors on the Life History of the Ciliate, Vorticella microstoma
By J. D. Stout 705711
Calliphora neozealandica sp. nov., a New Blowfly from New Zealand
By M. D. Murray 713720
Nephrops challengeri Balss, 1914, (Crustacea, Decapoda, Reptantia) from New Zealand and Chatham Island Waters
By J. C. Yaldwyn 721732
Studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna. No. 9. The Families Acanthonotozomatidae, Pardaliscidae and Liljeborgiidae
By D. E. Hurley 763802
Studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna. No. 10. A New Species of Cacao
By D. E. Hurley 803811
Gall Midges (Cecidomyidae) on Coprosma (Rubiaceae) in New Zealand
H. F. Barnes and K. P. Lamb 813816
New Zealand Fossil Asterozoa. 3. Odontaster priscus sp. nov. from the Jurassic
By H. Barraclough Fell 817819
Notes on Behaviour and Parasitism in Macropathus filifer Walker, 1869
By Aola M. Richards 821822
The Occurrence of Priapulus in New Zealand Waters
By R. K. Dell 11291133
The Land Mollusca of Fiordland, South-West Otago
By R. K. Dell 11351148
The Genus Acanthoxyla (Phasmidae)
By J. T. Salmon 11491156
New Zealand Braconidae. 1.—The Subfamily Doryctinae.
By Arthur W. Parrott 11571163
Review of the Notocenozoic, on Cretaceo-Tertiary of New Zealand
By C. A. Cotton 10711122
Geological Reconnaissance of District Between Franz Josef Glacier and Copland Valley.
By A. R. Lillie and B. H. Mason 1123–1128
Studies on New Zealand Elasmobranchii. Part I. Two Further Specimens of Arhynchobatis asperrimus Waite, (Batoidei) with an Account of the Skeleton and a Discussion on the Systematic Position of the Species
By J. A. F. Garrick 119132
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part IX. A New Species of Distaplia
By Beryl I. Brewin 133135
The Land Mollusca of Stewart and Solander Islands
By R. K. Dell 137156
Geonemertes pantini, a New Land Nemertine from the Dunedin District
By A. J. Southgate. B. A., B. SC. 157160
A New Genus and Species of Phasmidae from New Zealand
By J. T. Salmon 161168
Studies on Palaemon affinis M.—Edw. 1837, (Crustacea, Decapoda, Natantia.) Part I. Synonymy and External Morphology
By J. C. Yaldwyn 169187
Studies on New Zealand Elasmobranchii. Part II. A Description of Dasyatis brevicaudatus (Hutton), Batoidei, With a Review of Records of the Species Outside New Zealand
By J. A. F. Garrick 189198
Some Observations on the Ciliate Fauna of an Experimental Meat Digestion Plant
By J. D. Stout 199211
Two New Species of New Zealand Collembola
By J. T. Salmon 213217
Contributions to Galaxiid Taxonomy
By G. Stokell 411418
Studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna. No. 6. Family Colomastigidae, with Descriptions of Two New Species of Colomastix
By D. E. Hurley 419429
Studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna. No. 7. The Family Corophiidae, Including a New Species of Paracorophium
By D. E. Hurley 431460
Additions to the Rotatoria of New Zealand. Part VI
By C. R. Russell 461463
A New Species of Eriococcus Targ. (Hemiptera, Coccidae) Attacking Leptospermum in New Zealand
By J. M. Hoy 465474
Some Digenetic Trematodes from Fishes of New Zealand
By Harold W. Manter 475568
Environmental Factors Affecting the Life History of Three Soil Species of Colpoda (Ciliata).
By J. D. Stout 11651188
Parthenogenesis in New Zealand Stick Insects.
By J. T. Salmon 11891192
Palombiella stephensoni Westblad, a Marine Triclad from Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.
By F. R. Nurse 11931194
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