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Volume 82, 1954-55


Volume 82, Part I

The Female Conceptacle and Young Sporeling of the four New Zealand Species of Corapophyllums.
By Margaret Naylor 16
New Zealand Hepaticae (Liverworts)—VIII. A. Review of the New Zealnd Species of the Genera Bazzania and Acromastigum
By E. Amy Hodgson 724
Variation in a Sample of Pinus radiata Cones from the Nelson District
By M. H. Bannister 2540
Some Notes on Suaeda australis Moq., var. nova zelandica var. nov. and Measmbryantheamum australe Sol ex Forst. f.
By J. B. Mackay and V. J. Chapman 4147
Studies in New Zealand Carices I. The Section Acutae Fries
By B. G. Hamlin 4964
A Disease of Manuka Leptospermun scoparium Forst.
By A. P. Mulcouk 115118
Studies on New Zealand Elasmobranchii. Part I. Two Further Specimens of Arhynochobaties asperrimus Waite, (Batoidei) with an Account of the Skeleton and a Discussion on the Systematic Position of the Species.
By J. A. F. Garrick 119132
Ascidians of New Zealand. Part IX. A New Species of Distalia
By Beryl I. Brewin 133135
The Land Mollusca of Stewart and Solander Islands
By R. K. Dell 137156
Oeonemertes pentini, a New Land Nemertine from the Dunedin District
By A. J. Southgate, B.A., B.SC. 157160
A New Genus and Species of Phasmidae from New Zealand
By J. T. Salmon, D.S.C., F.R.S.N.Z., F.B.E.S. 161168
Studies on Palaemon offinis M.—Edw. 1837, (Crustacea, Decapoda, Natantia.)
Part I. Synonymy and External Morphology
By J. C. Yaldwyn 169187
Studies on New Zealand Elasmobranchil. Part II. A Description of Dasyatis brevicaudatus (Hutton), Batoidei, With a Review of Records of the Species Outside New Zealand
By J. A. F. Garrick 189198
Some Observations on the Ciliate Fauna of an Experimental Meat Digestion Plant
By J. D. Stout 199211
Two New Species of New Zealand Collembola
By J. T. Salmon, D.SC., F.R.S.N.Z., F.B.E.S. 213217
The Nature and Alteration of Some Triassie Sediments from Southland, New Zealand
By D. S. Coombs 65109
An Upper Triassic Lamellibranch from the Southern Alps of North Westland, New Zealand (Sheet S53)
By C. A. Fleming, F. W. Munden and R. P. Suggate. 111114