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Volume 82, 1954-55


Volume 82, Part 2.

A Study of the Growth of Dhar Yeast in Cultures Containing Ethyl Alcohol as Source of Carbon and Different Ammonium Salts as Source of Nitrogen, Under Non-aerated Conditions
By K. Bahadub 219–221
Upper Palaeozoic Plant Fossils from South Island, New Zealand
By D. R. Mcqueen 231236
The Structure and Development of Monoclea forsteri, Hook.
By Ella O. Campbell 237248
The Structure and Development of Marchasta areolata Camp.
By Ella O. Campbell 249262
Contributions to a Knowledge of the Naturalized Flora of New Zealand. No. 4.
By A. J. Healy 263269
Thelephoracease of New Zealand. Part III: The Genus Corticium
By G. H. Cunningham 271327
Forests and Climates in the South Island of New Zealand
By John T. Holloway 329410
The Occurrence of Sarcochilus adversus (Hook.f.) in the Waikato Basin
By M. C. Gudex, M. A., M.Sc. 611612
Further Notes on Gastrodia R. Brown and Spiranthes L.C. Richard
By Edwin D. Hatch 613615
The Petrography of Some jurassic Conglomerates at Kawhia, New Zealand
By Helen A. H. Macdonald 223230
Contributions to Glaxiid Taxonomy
By G. Stokell 411418
Studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna. No. 6. Family Colomastigidae, with Descriptions of Two New Species of Colomastix
By D. E. Hubley 419429
Studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna. No. 7. The Family corophiidae, Including a New Species of Paracorophium
By D. E. Hubley 431460
Additions to the Rotatoria of New Zealand. Part VI
By C. R. Russell 461463
A New Species of Eriococcus Targ. (Hemiptera, Coccidae) Attacking Leptosperamum in New Zealand
By J. M. Hoy 465474
Some Digenetic Trematodes from fishes of New Zealand
By Habold W. Manter 475568
Antler Growth and Shedding in a Captive Group of Fallow Deer (Dama doma) in New Zealand
By Thane Riney 569578
A Comparison of the Parasites of Wild and Domestic Pigs in New Zealand
By M. J. Ineson, 1953 579609