Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 82, 1954-55

Volume 82, Part 3

Studies on New Zealand Clavariaceae. I.
By D. Alleyne Crawford 617–631
Rust Fungi on New Zealand Clematis
By G. T. S. Baylis 633–637
Chromosome Number and Distributlon of Solanum avicularc Foist and S. lacini atum Alt.
By G. T. S. Baylis. 639–643
A Check List of the Marine Algae of the Dunedin Distric
By Margaret, Naylor 645–663
Introductry Note to Cvto-Taxonomie Studies of New zealand Ferms
By G. Brownlie 665–566
Fossil Leaves Fruit and Seeds from the Wanganui series (Plio-Pleistocene) of New Zealand
By D. R. McQueen 667–676
The Relative Pleistocene Chronology of the South Kaipara District, New Zealand
By R. N. Brotfiers 677–694
Notes on Food and Cannibalism in Macropathus Filifer, Walker, 1869 (Rhaphidophoridae, orthoptera)
By Aola M. Richards. M.Sc 733–737
The Systematics and Ecology of the Genus Macropathus Walker. l869 (orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae)
By Aola M. Richards 739–762
Studies on New Zealand Elasmobranchii. Part III. A. New Species of Triakis(Selachii) from New Zealand
By J A. F. Garrick 695–702
Note on the Type Specimen of the Maori Rat
By R. R. Marples 703–704
The Effect of Environmental Factors on the Life History of the Ciliate. Vorticella microstoma
By J. D. Stout 705–711
calliphoora neozealandica sp. nov., a New Blowfly from New Zealand
By M. D. Murray 713–720
Nephrops challengeri Balss, 1914. (Crustacea, Decapoda. Reptantia) from New Zealand and Chatham Island Waters
By J. C. Yaldwyn 721–732
Studies on the New Zealand, Amphipodan Fauna. No 9 The Families Acanthonotozomatidae. Pardaliscidae and Liljeborgiidae
By D. E. Hurley 763–802
Studies on the New Zealand Amphipodan Fauna. No. 10. A New Species of Cacao
By D. E. Hurley 803–811
Gall Midges (Cecidomyidae)on coprosma prisers sp. nov. from the jurassic
By H. Barraclough Fell 817–819
Notes on Behaviour and Parasitism in Macropathus fiifer Walker, l869
By Aola M. Richards 821–822