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Volume 82, 1954-55
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General Symposia (Section A)

  • 1. Geothermal Development (with Sections B, E and K).

  • Healy J. The Wairakei hydrothermal system.

  • Banwell, C. J. The heat resources and heat transpoit in thermal areas.

  • Hugill, A. J. Geothermal research station.

  • Fisher, W. M. Production of steam bores at Warrakei.

  • 2. Radio-active Dating (with Sections B, E and M).

  • Rafter, T. A. Radiocarbon dating.

  • Ferguson, G. J. Measurement of samples for radio-carbon dating.

  • 3. The Solid State (with Section B).

  • Kibblewhite, A. C. The noise properties of ferro-electric materials of the barium trianate class.

  • Pope, N. K. Second order infra-red absorption in alkali halides.

  • Johnson, D. A. H. The absorption of ultraviolet light by halogen impurities in alkali halide crystals.

  • Schroeder, P. A. Crystal growth and dislocations.

  • Bogle, G. S. Paramagnetic resonance as a source of information about electric fields in crystal.

  • Titchenere, A. L. Phase changes in alloys.

The following sectional papers were also read:—

  • Anderson, R. A. Soft gamma radiation from an exerted state of Al28.

  • Brown, D. Polarization in nuclear reactions.

  • Burtt, G. J. The measurement of upper atmospheric winds by radio methods.

  • Chapman, N. G. Size-frequency observations of Auger showers. (Presented by C. N. Watson-Munro.)

  • Chappell, D. W. G.. A relationship between magnetic stroms and solar activity.

  • Court, G. W. G. An optical analogy for radio reflections from the sea.

  • Dawber, K. R. The structure of the L-absorption edges of argon.

  • De Lisle, J. F. Numerical weather prediction.

  • Dodd, J. N. Paramagnetic resonance in the excited state of atoms.

  • Ellyett, C. D. Meteoric dust in the earth's atmosphere.

  • Farley, F. J. M. The ground state of He5

  • Humphrey, R. W. Anamolous scattering of alpha particles.

  • Hutchings, J. W. The planetary circulation of the earth's atmosphere.

  • Jones, E. W. and Taylor, W. B. Distribution of earthquakes in the central region of New Zealand.

  • Moore, H. R. The K-spectrum of neon.

  • Page, G. Mass spectrometry in New Zealand.

  • Ross, W. J. Some characteristics of loop aerials and a new direction finder.

  • Rumsey, Mrs. F. C. A review of sensitive galvanometeres.

  • Rumsey, N. J. Some aspects of distortion in lenses for aerial surveying.

  • Ryder, N. V. Cloud chamber observations.

  • Skinner, R. I. Gaseous discharges as microwave noise sources.

  • Smith D. H. Radio propagation over 2.000 Km paths.

  • Storey, J. R. Sidereal correlation of extensive air showers.

  • Unwin, R. S. Some characteristics of microwave radio links over optical sea paths.

  • Watson-Munro, C. N. Neutrons in Cosmic Rays.

  • Whale, H. A. Radio propagation over very long paths.

  • White, R. E. Scintillation counters.

  • Whittle, P. Sunspot analysis.

  • Williamson, K. I. The ultramicrotome.