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Volume 82, 1954-55
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Gisneral Symposia (Section R)

  • 1. [ unclear: ] and values of soil analysis (with Sections C, M, L1 and L3).
  • Walker. T. W. The aims of soil analysis
  • Gibbs. 11. S. Tlie pedological value of soil analysis.
  • Davies, E. B. Soil ttiinlysis as a guide t o soil treatment
  • Dubing, C. Pioblelns in the inteipietation of soil analysis
  • 2. Geothermal Development
  • See Section A
  • Impact of subsitute foods m and [ unclear: ] , on New- Zealand's primary [ unclear: ] (wlth Sections F, H and L1).
  • Mc.Meekan, C. P. general Introduction.
  • Shortland, F. B. A. comparison of the chemical, physical atid nutritional qualities of butter and [ unclear: ]
  • Brooker. S. G. The supply and treatment of vegetable oils for edibec perposes
  • Melville. J. The wool fibie and its competitois
  • Mc.Meekan. C. P. The efficiency of conversion of pastuie to butter aiid to wool
  • 4 Insecticides (wlth Sections D ancl L3)
  • Clark, P. J. C. Insecticide residues on [ unclear: ] .
  • Lowe, A. D. Labolatory studies of the effect of two [ unclear: ] on the germination and early growth lucerne seed
  • Harrison. R. A ToXlc ity of [ unclear: ] residues
  • 5. Radio-active Dating.
  • See Section A.
  • 6 The Solid State.
  • See Section A
  • 7. Trace elements (with Sections L1 and L3)
  • Lynch P. B. Past [ unclear: ] e response to trace elements.
  • Cunnlngham I. J. molybdenum in animal health in New Zealand.
  • Andrews E. D. factors influencing cobalt deficiency disease in young sheep
  • Bolland. E. G. Trace element differences in [ unclear: ] c [ unclear: ] ops in New Zealand.
  • Askew H. 0 Boron and magnesium difiences in tobacco and hops in New Zealand.
  • Mcnaught. K. J. Trace element deficiencics in market garden crops.
  • 8 Wood products (with Section K).
  • Mackney, A. W. Structural materials. other than sawn timber, produced from wood.
  • Carr, D. R. The presevation of timber for light building construction.