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Volume 82, 1954-55
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General Symposia (Section C)



Aims and values of soil analysis.

See Section B.


Legume Establishment (with Section L1).

Reid, W. D. Strains of clover nodule organisms and their effects on establishment of clovers on marginal lands in New Zealand.

Greenwood, R. M. Clover establishment on pumice soils.


The Species Concept (with Section D).

Dingley, Miss J. Taxonomy and life history in some fungi.

Cooper, R. C. The problem of species and genera in the Pittosporaceae and Myrtaceae.

Powell, A. W. B. Taxonomic problems in the land operculate genus Liarea.


New Zealand Ecological Society Meeting:

Population Dynamics of newly introduced species (with Section D).

Healy, A. J. Plants.

Hobbs, D. F. Vertebrates.

Cottier, W. Insects.


New Zealand Ecological Society Meeting:

Ecology of the subantarctic islands (with Section D).

Fleming, C. A. Geological history of New Zealand's subantarctic islands.

Sorenson, J. H. Botanical factors.

Dawbin, W. H. Seasonal fluctuations of marine organisms in the New Zealand subantarctic area.


New Zealand Genetical Society Meeting (with Section D).

Catcheside, D. G. The gene and its physiology.

Godley, E. J. The dioecious element in the New Zealand flora.

Hair, J. B. The chromosomes of New Zealand gymnosperms.

Rattenbury, J. Nucleolar studies.


New Zealand Genetical Society Meeting (with Section D).

Wright, G. M. The number of genes affecting quantitative characters.

Copp, L. G. Selection for quantitative characters in Triticum vulgare.

Fejer, S. O. Quantitative inheritance in the ryegiasses: Lolium species and its use in breeding procedures.

Palmer, T. P. A floral abnormality in the Brassicae.

Robinson, R. G. Eighteen years of potato breeding in New Zealand.

Driver, C. M. Breeding potatoes for resistance to disease.

The following sectional papers were also read:—

Bathurst, N. O. Chromatographic methods in plant analysis.

Butler. G. W. The use of radioactive isotopes in studies of mineral nutrition.

Everson, R. G. The tissue-slice.

Harris, G. P. The interactions of amino acids in the growth of higher plants.

Lyttelton. J. W. The cytoplasmic proteins of plants.

Mccree, K. J. Light Measurements in plant physiology.

Mitchell. K. J. Growth physiology of pasture plants.

Robertson, R. N. The plant physiologist's approach.