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Volume 82, 1954-55
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General Symposia (Section D)


Biological Control (with Section L3).

Miller, D. Biological control of insects and weeds.

Hoy, J. M. Coccids associated with Leptospermum in New Zealand.

—— The use of bacteria and nematodes for insect control.

Kelsey, J. The establishment of ragwort seed fly (Pegohylemyia seneciella) in New Zealand.



See Section B.


The Species Concept.

See Section C.


New Zealand Ecological Society Meetings.

See Section C.


New Zealand Entomological Society Meeting.

Cottier, W. Presidential Address.

Kelsey, J. M. Choice of oviposition sites by Cosielytra zealandica (White).

Gourlay. E. S. Records of introduced coleoptera and notes on the 1953–54 collecting season.

Wise, K. A. J. Discussion on the pluripotence of an insect.

Cottier, W. Some peculiarities in the habits of a species of aphid on Nothofagus in New Zealand.


New Zealand Entomological Society Meeting.

Cottier, W. A. resume of the life-history of codling moth in New Zealand.

Lowe, A. D. Records of some economic pests occurring in Canterbury during the years 1946–1954.

Gurr, L. Insect factors in red clover seed production.

Salmon, J. T. Parthenogenesis amongst New Zealand stick insects.

Harrison, R. A. Brachypterism in insects.

Gourlay E. S. The Dryimdae, a family of Hymenoptera new to New Zealand.

Cleland, J. W. Collembola damaging crucifers in Canterbury.


New Zealand Genetical Society Meetings.

See Section C.

The following sectional papers were also read:—

Brewin, Miss B. Viviparity in the lower chordates.

Cassie, R. M. Commercial fisheries management and its application in New Zealand.

Helson, G. A. H. Some arthropods affecting man and livestock in New Zealand.

Riney. T. Technique for evaluation of condition of free ranging populations of red deer, Cervus elaphus.

Stokell, G. The protection of rare fishes.

Westerskov, K. The avifauna of Takahi Valley New Zealand.