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Volume 82, 1954-55
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General Symposia (Section E)


Geothermal Development.

See Section A.


Radio-active Dating.

See Station A.

The following papers were also read:—

Allan, R. S. The principles of palaeo-geography.

Bradley, J. The environmental aspects of “greywacke”.

Brodie, J. W. The New Zealand continental shelf.

Brothers, R. N. Mineralogical and structural data on some Auckland greywackes.

Campbell, J. D. Calcareous facies of the older rocks of North Canterbury.

Collins, B. W. Sources of groundwater in North Otago.

Coombs, D. S. The nature and alteration of some lower Mesozoic sediments from Southland and South Auckland.

Cotton, C. A. Periglacially modified landforms at Wellington.

Couper, R. A. Fossil plants and Pleistocene and Recent Chronology.

Fleming, C. A. Fossils and ages of some New Zealand greywackes.

—— Report of Stratigraphic Nomenclature Committee.

—— Submarine features and palaeogeography.

Gage, M. Age and origin of coal measures in N.E. Otago.

—— Chronology of glaciations in New Zealand.

Graham, J. I. Some physical and chemical properties of coal.

Grindley, G. W. Significance of Upper Palaeozoic facies changes. West Otago. and origin of peridotite bodies.

Gudex, M. C. “Manawa wood” of the Waikato swamps.

Kear. D. Age significance of eroded volcanic forms.

—— Pumice Chronology in New Zealand.

—— Tertiary palaeogeography of South Auckland.

Mason, B. H. and Lillie. A. R. Solid geology of the country between Hooker Glacier and the Alpine Fault.

Mutch, A. R. The Upper Palaeozoic stratigraphy of the Takitimu Mountains.

N.Z. Geological Survey. Palaeogeographical maps of New Zealand from the Cretaceous to Recent.

Pullar, W. A. Sedimentation on the Gisborne Plain since the Gisborne ash shower.

Reed, J. J. Use of the term “grevwacke”

Schofield. J. C. Vulcanism and structure of the southern portion of the Hauraki Graben.

Suggate, R. P. and Bowen, F. E. Glaciation of North Westland and South Nelson.

Te Punga, M. Solifluxion at Wellington.

Wilson, D. D. Progressive shoreline changes in the South Island, New Zealand, during late Cretaceous and Tertiary times.

Wood, B. L. The Fjordland complex.